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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 166,906

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How many Democratic POTUS candidates have dropped out?

The answer is here

How many names were on your ballot? Virginia-14

even Marianne 😍

No Kamala 😞


The lady handed me my ballot and I asked, “I only get one?” She laughed.

I voted for Joe

How to win all access tickets to an International Film Festival -call a rightwing talk radio station

Yes I listen in to their insanity.

Two all access tickets to the Richmond International Film Festival. We'll take caller #11.

I call...you are caller #4. I call back....you are caller #8. Damn. Call back....you are caller #11.

How many conservatives are calling in for free tickets to a film festival let alone an international one?

April 21-26. All access to any films (all week) I want to go to. There's music too.


Gov. Northam just released a statement on Preparations for Coronavirus


“Whole of Government” approach
Daily meetings between DEPT of Health and private sector to share information and plan. These daily meetings started in January.

In regular contact with Federal authorities
279 travelers have been under public health monitoring. None have been “high risk” or tested positive. Commonwealth has secured rapid pulmonary chain reaction testing - test delivers results within 4 hours. Virginia will no longer rely on testing by the Federal government.

Working closely with first responders, healthcare providers, hospitals, and local health departments.
Public info through media, 211 call center, and 877-ASK-VDH3. Leaders of the Gen Assembly are on board.

Va DEPT of Health has some of the country’s leading public health experts.

You can help - wash hands etc.

Public Enemy Fire Flavor Flav After Bernie Sanders Rally Spat

“ Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav,” group says. “We thank him for his years of service and wish him well”

Public Enemy announced they are permanently “moving forward” without Flavor Flav, firing one of hip-hop’s most memorable hypemen after more than 35 years. The abrupt dismissal comes just two days after the rapper sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bernie Sanders over Chuck D’s concert at the campaign’s Los Angeles rally Sunday.

The group reiterated that Public Enemy Radio — a Chuck D-led offshoot featuring DJ Lord, Jahi and the S1Ws — would still perform at the free, livestreamed Sanders rally gig at 6 p.m. PST at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The cease-and-desist letter, sent to Sanders Friday by Flavor Flav’s lawyer Matthew Friedman, accused the campaign of using the hypeman’s “unauthorized likeness, image and trademarked clock” to promote the rally, even though Flavor Flav “has not endorsed any political candidate.”


Republicans voting in S. Carolina? Maybe 5%

I was going to ask this as an open question but then I found this.

Despite Trump’s urging, an exit poll from the Washington Post showed just 5 percent of registered Republicans actually voted in the primary, a number too small for pollsters to give details on which Democratic candidate received the most votes from that group. Registered Democrats made up 70 percent of everyone who voted in the primary, while independent voters accounted for 26 percent, according to that poll.

Both South Carolina Democrats and independents voted for former Vice President Joe Biden over Sanders; 54 percent of registered Democrats voted for Biden compared to 18 percent who voted for Sanders, and 35 percent of independents voted for Biden, compared to 23 percent who voted for Sanders.

But that support apparently has limits. If Trump’s theory was that he could get his supporters to juice Sanders’s South Carolina numbers enough to change the outcome of the Democratic primary, he was wrong. Biden’s South Carolina victory was decisive, especially among black voters, who made up over half of the voters on Saturday. Overall, the former vice president received nearly 50 percent of the vote.

So while Trump remains an overwhelmingly popular and influential figure in South Carolina politics, the Democratic primary also served as a reminder that there are limits to what Trump can convince his Republican supporters to do.


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