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*** Vanilla Pence Presser thread #1 ****

Ba ba Ba bum bum Ba

Classics. Replays of old sports events. Network TV. Sports bars. Gambling.

CBS is running replays of of "classic" NCAA games - this was supposed to be the mega weekend of March Madness.

NBC is running a golf tournament for last year.

I'd been interested in how they'd fill the time. Massive loss of ad revenue for CBS which paid BIG MONEY - see below - for March Madness.

This has to be one of the cash cow weekends for sports bars.

Gambling - huge losses.

Sunday, bracket pools and buzzer-beaters set in Friday, television networks, major advertisers, college sports officials and other stakeholders began to grapple with the financial ramifications of eliminating an event that annually generates more than $1 billion, which flows through the NCAA to conferences and schools, as well as hundreds of millions spent across the country by fans attending games.

Officials at conferences and schools who count on millions flowing in from the NCAA are just beginning to discuss the potential impact on their budgets. In statements this week, they have avoided the question of whether the tournament’s cancellation will cut into the more than $600 million the NCAA distributes each year.

The NCAA and its broadcast partners, CBS and Turner Sports, are in the middle of a 14-year, $11 billion deal to broadcast the men’s tournament through 2024. In 2016, the parties extended the contract through 2032 for $8.8 billion. Those deals essentially fund the NCAA’s existence.


Day 2

ABC NEWS live. The Michigan sign language person is worth the watch

Great facial expressions. Almost air guitar face melts.

Gotta give our school system credit - "grab and go" meals available starting Tuesday

To our Henrico families,
While Henrico County Public Schools has closed its facilities to combat the spread of coronavirus, we know that many of our students depend on school lunches and breakfasts as a crucial part of their daily nutrition. Henrico Schools is addressing this need with a plan to set up sites throughout Henrico County to distribute free school meals.
Beginning Tuesday, March 17, six sites will open to distribute free “grab and go” school meals. Our students can pick up lunches and breakfasts each school day on a first-come, first-served basis. Food distribution is open to all students, regardless of what school they attend, as well as others under age 18. Please note that adults must be accompanied by each child under 18 who needs a meal. Pick-up hours are scheduled for 11 a.m. to noon, but hours and locations may increase, depending on demand.
The HCPS school nutrition staff will regularly assess student needs. Food availability and updates will be shared with HCPS families via our full slate of communication platforms, including www.henricoschools.us/covid19.
Where can your student pick up meals? Five schools will operate as hubs for distribution, where food will be prepared, packaged and distributed to students. Meals will also be transported to Henrico Volunteer Rescue Squad 31 in Sandston, to be distributed. Locations may be expanded for the week of March 23-27, depending on demand. If the school closure period is extended past March 30, HCPS leaders will assess the status of the food distribution program.

Miracle: Coronavirus Passes Over Houses With Chick-Fil-A Sauce Smeared On Door Posts

U.S.—The CDC is suggesting lots of weird ways to avoid contracting coronavirus, such as "washing your hands" and "not licking doorknobs." These methods sound kind of sciencey, so we were immediately suspicious of them.

Sure enough, it seems the best way to avoid getting infected is supernatural: many have found that if you paint Chick-fil-A sauce on your doorposts, the virus will pass right over you and your household.

Research seems to indicate that the Angel of Coronavirus passes through each town and city every night and looks for the telltale sign that you are one of God's elect, Chick-fil-A sauce. Those with the correct sign of being one of God's people are passed over, while those without the sign are visited and immediately infected.

"We have no explanation," said one so-called "scientist." "This must be some kind of miracle from God." The scientist said that they tried other substances, such as liberal tears, hand sanitizer, and essential oils, but only Chick-fil-A sauce proved 100% effective at staving off the Angel of Coronavirus.


I know this has been posted here before but I couldn't find it.

Meanwhile...Thomas Road Baptist (Falwell) draws thousands to Biblical Men's festival

Lynchburg conference draws thousands despite corona concerns


Thousands gathered for the annual Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend on Saturday morning, and the parking lot was teeming with people cooking meat, manning booths and playing a few spirited games of cornhole.

The sold-out conference, hosting speakers like Tim Tebow and Marcus Luttrell, was created to “help man take back their Biblical manhood.” With workshops centered around topics like self-defense, hunting, motorcycles and faith, the event sold more than 5,000 tickets.

To appease some concerns, Ignite offered a livestream of plenary sessions to ticket holders, and issued a statement on its website the organization is implementing recommendations from the Virginia Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Robert Payton, of Stafford, said he was looking forward to “the words, some nuggets from God.”

“I had already registered,” Payton said. “And I’m not going to let the enemy keep me in the house in fear.”

Don't have a cow! Nunes says the US will get through this "fairly quickly"

Fox News op/ed. "...one quiver in our arsenal Satan cannot thwart".....this includes the byways

Lauren Green: This is the power of a National Day of Prayer

It is certainly not the first time a president has called for prayer. Throughout America’s history, her commanders in chief have understood the power of prayer and the humility required to bow heads in reverent acknowledgment that we are not sufficient unto ourselves.

To close the churches where people go for comfort and spiritual strength – as an act of fighting against this biological scourge – seems like a surrender to Satan.

But ah! We have one quiver in our arsenal that Satan cannot thwart. It is the power of prayer!

If the coronavirus is part of Satan’s arsenal of evil, then we should all be confident that God will prevail in this battle. The Christian belief is that Satan has already been defeated. That Jesus by dying on the cross vanquished this peddler of pain, this maestro of misery. Those who believe need not fear death or even sickness. We need only put our hope in the One who is ultimately in charge.

So pray that God guides them to better knowledge; pray for the people already infected, that they recover quickly; pray for their families; pray for those who need assurances that the world cares; pray for yourself and your co-workers; Pray for the government officials, that they be guided in their work to keep our nation running; pray for the schools, the hospitals, the buses and byways. Pray!


BREAKING- Trumps test results are in

It was NOT a HOAX

He is a dumbass. The staff tested for that for chuckles.
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