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"No-contest". Oregon advances as VCU has multiple COVID test positives.

It’s sports but then it’s not just sports.
The NCAA has created a bubble in Indianapolis with 120+ men’s and women’s teams staying and playing in the area.


The NCAA and the committee regret that VCU's student-athletes and coaching staff will not be able to play in a tournament in which they earned the right to participate," the NCAA said in a statement announcing the no contest, which came about 3 hours before the scheduled tipoff.

This is the first NCAA tournament game canceled or declared a no-contest due to COVID-19 issues. The NCAA made Tuesday night its deadline for replacement teams to enter the field; no teams had issues at that time.

Saturday's first-round men's basketball game between No. 7 Oregon and No. 10 VCU has been declared a no-contest due to what the Rams said were multiple positive tests within their program.

The Rams received multiple positive tests within the past 48 hours, coach Mike Rhoades said in a statement.


1st Chesapeake Blue Crab found on Ireland Coast


The Chesapeake Bay blue crab, icon of our region, has turned up in Irish waters for the first time ever. And wildlife experts there say its presence could pose a serious threat to native marine life.

Blue crabs are an invasive species in Europe, like snakeheads or blue catfish here on the Bay. Marine scientists consider them a large and aggressive crab species, highly effective at reproducing.

A breeding population of blue crabs began to establish in the Mediterranean Sea around 2012. How did they get there? Wall says it’s likely they arrived via ballast waters from ships traveling from America. There are now blue crab fisheries established on the Mediterranean, some of which import the crab into Europe.

Wall says the invasive blue crab has had a major impact on marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean, “wiping out native shellfish species and fouling and damaging fishing nets.” He notes they have no natural predators in Europe, so the population is difficult to control.

This still rings true to me - from about a year ago

Need help finding essay/article. Early last year "they'll tell you nothing changed" from

something like The Atlantic or Esquire

The gist of the piece was that when then pandemic is “over” the commercial powers that be will tell you that nothing changed. Nothing really happened. Return to life as you knew it. Consume - consumerism- go back to your selfish the world revolves around you ways - etc.

It was March to maybe May 2020. I’ve google searched everything I can think of and looked through my DU bookmarks. I’m having no luck.

Biden - Putin "debate"? - Fox News is openly rooting for Putin


Analysis: Insults fly as Biden locks horns with Russia and China

(CNN)President Joe Biden is suddenly waging a bitter two-front confrontation with America's foe in the last Cold War -- Moscow -- and the US adversary in a possible next one -- China.

Nasty personal insults are flying between the White House and the Kremlin even as staggeringly blunt rhetoric erupts in the administration's first big talks with China called to lay down the law on Biden's tough new policy toward the dominant Asian power.

A remarkable day of intercontinental squabbling confirmed that US relations with China have plunged to their lowest point since President Richard Nixon's pioneering mission to "open" the then-isolated communist state in the 1970s. US-Russia ties are, meanwhile, at their most difficult point since the fall of the Soviet Union.

One lesson of US foreign policy in recent decades is that plans hatched in Washington often don't survive contact with the outside world. So Biden's plan comes with some risk. A more assertive US approach could play into Xi's nationalistic worldview and, if events in Alaska are any guide, has already caused Beijing to be even more aggressive. A tense overall relationship could scupper US hopes to forge agreements with China on combating climate change at a global summit in Scotland this year.


Atlanta business leader becomes first Black chair of United Negro College Fund

I was NOT aware of this


For the first time ever, an African American will chair the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Board of Directors.

Earlier this month, Atlanta business and civic leader Milton H. Jones Jr. was elected to the post, making him the first African American to assume the role at the philanthropic organization, which was founded in 1944, the group confirmed.

Jones will succeed William Stasior Sr., CEO of Booz Allen Hamilton. Stasior previously held the role for 11 years. Past chairs include John D. Rockefeller III; Michael H. Jordan, who served as CEO of PepsiCo's International Food and Beverage Division; and Jack Stahl, the former president and CEO of Revlon.

This week in COVID history. March 2020. Jimmy Kimmel

Irish Yoga 🍀

OCD nightmare on Morning Joe - Mara Gay's background

Mara Gay NY Times editorial board

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