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The NRA revolt in Cincinnati 1977. Recent implosion reminds me of this.

My in-laws are hardcore hunters. My brother-in-Law (Repub) ended his membership years ago. My father-in-Law (Union Dem) ripped the NRA sticker off his vehicle shortly after Sandy Hook.

NRA: 'Revolt at Cincinnati' molded National Rifle Association

The incident is known as the Revolt at Cincinnati. A group of reformers, led by former NRA President Harlon Carter and outspoken gun-rights advocate Neal Knox, brewed tension inside the organization over the leadership's wavering stance on gun control.

About 30,000 delegates attended the annual meeting May 21, 1977. Reformers wore blaze orange hunting caps and communicated via walkie-talkie around the convention floor. The NRAleaders shut off the air conditioning to discourage them.

Still, the NRA was mostly for sportsmen, and Rich even testified to Congress in support of a ban on inexpensive handguns known as "Saturday night specials." Then began the internal strife.

In 1975, the NRA formed the Institute for Legislative Action, a lobbying group headed by Carter, but there was little funding. The NRA board really hoped to tone down the politics to attract donors like the Ford Foundation to fund a $27 million conservation and recreation center in Raton, N.M. They also voted to move their headquarters to Colorado Springs, Colo., away from the politics in Washington, D.C.

The conflict culminated in the 1977 revolt.


UVA men's basketball team 'respectfully declines' White House invitation


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WAVY) -- The University of Virginia men's basketball team has declined an invitation to visit the White House.

The 2019 NCAA Tournament champions cited scheduling conflicts as the reason for declining the offer.

The team posted a statement from head coach Tony Bennett on Twitter Friday afternoon announcing they would have to 'respectfully decline' the offer.

"We have received inquiries about a visit to the White House. With several players either pursuing pro opportunities or moving on from UVA, it would be difficult, if not impossible to get everyone back together. We would have to respectfully decline an invitation.” - Tony Bennett

Compare and save 😆

And the WINNER for best team name is.....

I was one of the scorers at a Trivia Bee for an adult literacy charity called The READ Center

Love the logo

UPS (we own stock) supported function held at The Hippodrome
performers included talents such as Billie Holiday, Bill Robinson, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Moms Mabley, James Brown, Ida Cox, Ella Fitzgerald

53 tables. 3 people per table. Each table cost $500-$1000. UPS chipped in another $10,000.
I'd say tonight they raised about...$50k

Okay. So the team names.
Some funny ones:
The second best accounting firm at trivia
We have no LIFO's (that's an accounting joke)
Oh-Trivia Newton John

The people in attendance voted on the best team names
#2 Know Collusion
#1 Ruth Bader WINsberg

Simone de Beauvoir explains "Why I'm a Feminist" in rare TV interview (1975)

Great website.


Audio of Tolkien reading Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit in the early 50's

J.R.R. Tolkien was not a big fan of his fandom. He had serious doubts about whether any of the millions of readers who adored The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy understood anything about what he was trying to do. But none of them can be blamed, since he didn’t at first set out to write fiction at all—at least not when it came to The Lord of the Rings. The books, he said, were “an attempt to create a world in which a form of language agreeable to my personal aesthetic might seem real.”

In the clips here, you can listen to Tolkien himself read from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, including a recording at the top of him reading one of the fantasy languages he invented, then created an entire world around, the Elvish tongue Quenya in the poem "Namarie."


Dion got his leg back. Skydiver Lost prosthetic during jump.

Skydiver reunited with prosthetic leg he lost while 10,000 feet in the air

A worker at a California lumber yard made an unusual discovery on Monday: A prosthetic leg wearing a blue Nike shoe was found on the ground.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office investigated the discovery and after calling some folks at the nearby airport they solved the mystery.

It turns out the owner, who police identified only as Dion, lost the leg as he was 10,000 feet in the air skydiving over the area on Sunday. He told police that after he and his friends landed, they looked around the area but couldn't find the leg. On Monday afternoon, officers reunited him with it.

The post also said Dion told them he was thankful to get his $15,000 leg back and glad it didn't land on anyone.

"He promises to make a tether and learn from this but fully plans to stick with his passion."


The "I need to speak to your manager" haircut. 😆

What I learned from my 13 year old daughter today
On the way home from a doctor visit she explained to me about "fitness moms" in yoga pants and their "cucumber mint water" and the "I need to speak to your manager" haircut.

I was cracking up. I got home and googled the haircut - exactly the one I thought it was.

Funny moment at Sunday's Easter Service

Moved here from GD.

Funny moment at Sunday Easter service

So my family went to church at my mom’s church on Sunday. My wife and I had never been. We’ve tended to go to my wife’s Baptist church with her folks. It’s the church we got married in but it’s turned into wannabe mega church (seats at least 1,500). Pure right wing Christian persecution victimization bullshit. My moms church in another part of the Shenandoah Valley.

My mom’s church is Presbyterian. I used to joke it was like religion without really trying. Mom’s church split in half a few years ago over homosexuality. The pastor officially says “Let God figure it out” but won’t perform ceremonies for gays in or out of the church. Mom stayed away from the dark side and stayed in this church. Sadly she is brainwashed from Fox News being in constantly at her house.

Stay with me. We are getting to the funny.

Beautiful little church with a massive 125 year old organ. About 100 in attendance. Almost no kids other than my daughter (13). The church was old wooden pews and could sit maybe 300. Very warm and welcoming.

Okay so the pastor (fairly young guy) begins the actual Easter sermon. I was astonished. He calmly discussed Christianity’s merits. Yes much of the story of Easter defies logic and physics and rational thought but it’s a matter simply of faith....and action. How you treat other people makes you a Christian not simply being at church or claiming to be Christian. He kept going back to arguments against Christianity but there were no straw men, no victimization, all positive.

Then he started telling a story about he and his wife traveling through France. He and their host pastor had discussions in which our pastor kept asking “Why...?” this and “Why...?” that. Finally his host replied WHY NOT?

This was the basis of his sermon. Sort of a Pascal’s Wager sort of thing. It became the theme of their trip.
Want to go for a hike? WHY NOT
Want to go to this little village? WHY NOT
Another round?
——this voice from the back of the room screams out WHY NOT
Everyone cracked up.

Okay that was it. Boy I went for a walk in the woods there.

One more. The Lord’s Prayer for Presbyterians doesn’t say the “trespass” stuff saying “debt” and “debtors” instead. This really tripped up my wife and I. We laughed about it later. I said to her “You should know that. YOU went to church your whole life. I learned the prayer from kneeling after high school football games”

This anti-pollution ads debuted on Earth Day 1971

per a Jeopardy question tonight.

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