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"Lost Weekend" documentary on MTv contest winners and the Bad turns that lead to

I heard this on one of those stupid morning radio shows. Looks interesting.

When MTV enlisted John Cougar Mellencamp to give away a Bloomington, Ind., house — with the stipulation that the winner had to paint it pink, in honor of the star’s hit “Little Pink Houses” — in 1984, the network should’ve done a little more research.

It turned out “the place we bought was across the street from a toxic waste dump,” remembered former MTV executive John Sykes. “We ended up having to buy another house [for the winner]. That [first] one stayed on our books for five years before we wrote it off.” The second house was indeed painted and the winner reportedly moved in — for two days, before selling it.

Meanwhile, Patrick McLynn won tax woes and a Batmobile in the summer of 1989.

A prop from the “Batman” movie starring Michael Keaton, the superhero cruiser lacked an engine but was cool nevertheless. So cool that the fabricators who had provided it to MTV angled to get it back.

“They told me they were willing to get the publicity and then buy the car back. They offered to throw in a Corvette.” He declined, because “it felt like something out of ‘American Hustle.’ ”

Not long after, McLynn wished he had taken the deal. The contest attracted attention via publications, including People magazine, and some reported that the Batmobile was said to be worth around $300,000.

Then the IRS took notice.

More here

He is risen!

When 420 falls on Easter weekend

So let it be written... The Ten Commandments on ABC at 7 pm tonight

1956. 3 hours 40 minute run time.

Truth be told is a pretty bad movie. Strangely cast. Massively over acted in some parts.

BUT Yul Brynner steals the movie from Charlotte Heston (IMHO).

I can do a dead on impression of Yul in this part. My joke about the "Who IS this Moses?" Line goes:
Moses. Remember he was your brother. He was going to be Pharoah until he flipped out and went with the hippies. Nothing? Your brother? Not ringing any bells here?

"Dance mud turtles, dance!"


Turns out we are getting $4,000 back on taxes.

We try to get it right even but we found out in August (lack of attention) that my withholding was way high one month out of work for me.. I knew we were in the sweet spot in terms of the tax changes - rent, no daycare, student loan still, $120K income (she's private sector and makes about twice what I do).

Two accountants in the house but we ain't until the last moment.

Fuck Trump.

😆 And the wind...whispers🌬...MEMEs! 👀

UPDATE: The situation is clearing up now. The suspicious object ended up to be a trumpet mute.

York-Poquoson Sherrif's Office.
Yorktown VA

UPDATE: The situation is clearing up now. The suspicious object ended up to be a trumpet mute. Everything should be back to normal in the next few minutes.

Please avoid the Yorktown waterfront area at this time. Deputies were called to Water Street for a disorderly subject with a suspicious object at approximately 1:13pm. The area is being evacuated at this time for precautionary measures.


The comments are hilarious.

If you see something, but don’t hear something, say something.

This ought to quiet things down a bit.

Trumpet mutes don't kill people, people kill people.

This could have been prevented if everyone else were armed with trumpet mutes.

You have the right to remain silent, anything you play can be used against you in court.

When trumpet mutes are outlawed, only outlaws will have trumpet mutes.

I know work is scarce for musicians, but for gods sake’s, At least he wasn’t tormenting people with a banjo

Clearly not our top brass...

Nationals Reliever Trevor Rosenthal Continues To Struggle, Has ERA Of Infinity

What they’ve gotten so far has been nothing short of a disaster, however, as Rosenthal’s struggles in his first four outings have reached record-setting futility levels. The fireballer has faced nine batters thus far, and has failed to record an out against a single one — making him the first pitcher to do so in a quarter-century, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Pirates reliever John Hope allowed all seven batters to reach in Houston on July 1, 1995, as well as the first two five days later at home against Philadelphia before striking out Ricky Bottalico on a foul bunt. Rosenthal is 0-1 and has been charged with seven runs on four hits, four walks and a hit batsman this year, resulting in an ERA of “inf”, short for infinity.


👋🏾 Hi! 👋🏻 It's the day to find your higher calling 🤨 through ..... MEMES!!!!

you gotta love how they named this there's a kneeling Jesus statue inside the fence but outside of the flag.

Sweet Virginia

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