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Virginia man runs marathon in his driveway

Forrester Safford took social distancing while running outside to a whole new level.

He completed the distance equivalent of running a marathon while running almost the entire distance from his own driveway.

His inspiration for the run came from a man in France who ran a marathon at his apartment.

“I read an article the other day about a guy in France that ran a marathon on the top of his apartment complex, on the roof,” says Safford. “I just kind of looked at the driveway, and I was like I wonder if I can do this without getting sick as far as dizzy or hurt. I didn’t want to get hurt either. So, I just decided to do it.”

Forrester Safford started his marathon just after 2:00 in the morning.


DU grammar, syntax, and punctuation experts please help - Trump's letter to Sen. Schumer

LBN thread here

Okay so someone in the White House wrote a letter from Trump to Sen. Schumer.

I'm in no way an expert so I'm asking if my reading of this is really as bad as I think it is.
Aside from the attacks I mean.

The letter is here

Jared is going to speak! Oh CNN cuts away from Pence. Back for Q&A

with Trump

Looking for an early 2020 Christmas present?

😁 you know, it's funny......MEMES! 🤪

Okay this an ad but I think it's funny

Help me compile a list of RW Obama criticisms Trump has actually done

Leading from behind
Chamberlainesque appeasement
Not drawing a line in the sand
Massive federal debt
Ruining the healthcare system

Please add more

The 6 foot rule of punditry and opinion

If you have a 6 foot wide presentable area inside your home to film = TV
If you have to go outside and film in your vehicle = Facebook
Quality is reflective of space and organization.

And then....there’s this guy. #bookshelves?

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