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CNN - Wolf "We're going to take a break while the President tries to defend himself"

Sorry for the one line thread but WOLF!?!?!

LOST fans might get a kick out of this

So I added "I've got you babe" as a ringtone for my alarm at 7am. My wife says "It's funny and not funny".

I couldn't remember what song was playing when we first meet Desmond on LOST. I'm doing a morning workout ritual sort of like he does so I thought it would be funny as a ringtone at 6am. See below.

So I'm doing my workout today (powers out which helps for this story) and I stepped down into the garage to do a lifting set (rock salt in grocery tote bags and a broom handle). Our dog's invisible fence battery backup is going. ........BEEP......BEEP.....BEEP...

My wife is just up 3 stairs in the den and we both cracked up laughing.

"Make your own kind of music" by Cass Elliott

Power out?

Ours started blinking at 8 am. Out since then.
Richmond VA. Literally on the edge of an outage area. Down the street they have power.

USPS the Grumman LLV - that Postal truck is older than you think

Since there's a lot of discussion about the US Postal Service today I thought I'd throw this in.

The initial buy on these were in 1984. Some of those may still be on the road. Most of the current fleet dates to 1994. i would LOVE to one one of these


The Grumman Long Life Vehicle (LLV) is an American light transport truck model, designed as a mail truck for the United States Postal Service, which is its primary user. It is also used by Canada Post.

As its name suggests, the Grumman LLV is easily capable of a long life, perhaps approaching 20 years of operation. The lifespan specified by the U.S. Postal Service was 24 years, but in 2009 this was extended to 30 years.

Because the United States Postal Service owns over 100,000 Grumman LLVs, of which the oldest are reaching the end of their lifespan, the USPS has been looking into replacing or retrofitting the LLVs. In fiscal year 2009, the USPS spent $524 million to repair its fleet of Grumman LLVs, and estimated that it would cost $4.2 billion to replace the entire fleet.[10]

On January 20, 2015, the USPS released solicitation RFI-NGDV for the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle.[18] Potential bidders had until March 5, 2015 to submit comments and pre-qualification responses. The USPS was to then select companies to receive the RFP for prototype development. On February 13, 2015, it was announced that General Motors was actively pursuing this new contract, which would have them provide the USPS with 180,000 new vehicles at a cost of at least $5 billion.[19] On September 22, 2016, the United States Postal Service awarded the NGDV Prototype Contract to six selected suppliers: AM General, Karsan, Mahindra, Oshkosh, Utilimaster, and a joint-venture bid involving Workhorse & VT Hackney. Half of the prototypes will feature hybrid and new technologies, including alternative fuel capabilities. The prototypes will represent a variety of vehicle sizes and drive configurations, in addition to advanced power trains and a range of hybrid technologies.[20]

SNL just stop. That was horrible.

I know that comedy is often a collaborative process so there's that. Other than that, that was one of the worst presentations on TV I've ever seen.

Tom Hanks's monologue was okay. I guess.
The rap song thing to lead? I knew this was in trouble.
Weekend Update - the added laughter was distracting and forced. Not show material.
The teen girl skit was funny just because my wife and I were laughing because she sounded like our daughter a bit.

Other than that. Just horrible. My 2 cents.

Sizzler promo video from 1991. You gotta see this. 4:42

Thanks to Buckeye_Democrat here

Let me know when to 🤬 hit search

A plan to defeat coronavirus finally emerges, but it's not from the White House

A national plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and return Americans to jobs and classrooms is emerging ó but not from the White House.

Instead, a collection of governors, former government officials, disease specialists and nonprofits are pursuing a strategy that relies on the three pillars of disease control: Ramp up testing to identify people who are infected. Find everyone they interact with by deploying contact tracing on a scale America has never attempted before. And focus restrictions more narrowly on the infected and their contacts so the rest of society doesnít have to stay in permanent lockdown.

But there is no evidence yet the White House will pursue such a strategy.

Instead, the president and his top advisers have fixated almost exclusively on plans to reopen the U.S. economy by the end of the month, though they havenít detailed how they will do so without triggering another outbreak. President Trump has been especially focused on creating a second coronavirus task force aimed at combating the economic ramifications of the virus.

Administration officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe internal deliberations, say the White House has made a deliberate political calculation that it will better serve Trumpís interest to put the onus on governors ó rather than the federal government ó to figure out how to move ahead.


Pew pew - texting that between iPhones makes freakin' lasers!

I just found that out today.

Who wants some FUNNY? 😁 from Facebook but really funny

Found this last night.
If you can't or don't want to go to Facebook I've included some highlights

1 single 15lb dumbbell

1 15lb dumbell. (Iíll do 2 for 1900). The rust helps build resistance to tetanus. Price is firm.

Can only lift 7.5 per hand. Can you cut them in half?

Do you accept third party out of state checks?

Why are you letting it go so cheap?
-- must go immediately. Got too strong, government is after me now

it says 15 on each side, but is it 15 total or 15 each side? then what does the handle weigh? does it come with instructions?
--Astroglide for life. Dont ask how i know

Will you deliver?
-- Iím not running a charity, youíll have to walk. NO VEHICLES
-- Do you charge to see it ? Sounds like that money is going towards your crystal addiction
-- please I need these, my family is starving

Are you will to ship it?
-- Iím land locked, sorry

Does it come assembled?
-- Iíll be disassembling it, and will reassemble for a small fee

Do you have more pics? Is this available in a set?

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