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Member since: 2001
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Gov. Elections moved back and take-out/delivery of booze by restaurants

Asking GA to move local elections back from May until November.
He is moving Congressional primaries back 2 weeks from June 10 to the 24th.

Delaying ABC license renewals.
Bars and restaurants can sell take-out and make drink deliveries starting Thursday night.

Which Stage of Grief is the cult and its media in?

I’m using the 5 stages

Denial (let’s throw in Shock & Anger from the 7) ITS NOT REAL! You are being lied to!

Anger - It’s WHO’s fault!

Bargaining - look if it’s less than 2 Million it’s really not so bad.



Is that correct or am I mixing them up?
For the cult, acceptance will probably come in the form of “Let’s accept that HE saved us”

****The Lovefest is on - Task Force presser ****

He opened with his love for New York and New Jersey.

For those of us who might not stay through the whole crapfest.

People punching and kicking each other on a secret private US island - UFC

Looking through Fox News and found this

Dana White: UFC 249 to take place at secret location, trying to secure private island for future fights


Dana White insisted Monday UFC 249 will happen and said he is days away from securing a “private island” to host other future fights amid the coronavirus pandemic.

White told ESPN the place he has for the April 18 fight is secured for two months and he plans to have weekly fights after the event. He added that the “private island” could possibly host international fights.

“I'll tell you this, I'm this close to getting a deal done,” White said. “So this place where this fight is going to be on April 18 I have locked up for two months, so I'm going to continue to pump fights out. I also secured an island. I've got an island. The infrastructure is being built right now. We're going to do all of our international fights on this island.

“There’s a lot of creepy people out there, and when they find out the location, they will start attacking the location and making phone calls,” he said. “So this keeps the creeps at bay.”

Bad Coronavirus test 😣

Don't hold your breath waiting for Trump (or his spawn) to donate money.

How many common carrier freight railroads are currently operating in the US?

You can cheat but you will know in your soul that you cheated


A bit of a hint at least for the scope/size of some railroads

The Richmond Pacific Railroad (reporting mark RPRC) is a terminal railroad owned by the Levin-Richmond Terminal Corporation. The RPRC operates on 2.5 miles (4.0 km) of track in the shipping terminal and wharves at Richmond, California.

A MEME that dreams are made of - seriously

Hot off the presses - get your I'm Not a Doctor meme here

Tom Dempsey - former NFL kicker - has died from Coronavirus complications

His 63 yard field goal was AT sea level with footballs not near the ones we have now.


CNN)Tom Dempsey, a journeyman NFL kicker who despite missing the toes on his right foot set a field goal record that stood for more than four decades, has died of coronavirus, according to reports.

"Tom's life spoke directly to the power of the human spirit and exemplified his resolute determination to not allow setbacks to impede following his dreams and aspirations," said Gayle Benson, owner of the New Orleans Saints, where Dempsey began his career.

"He exemplified the same fight and fortitude in recent years as he battled valiantly against illnesses but never wavered and kept his trademark sense of humor," she said in a statement.

He was born without toes on his right foot and with no fingers on his right hand. To compensate, he wore a custom, flat-front kicking shoe that ended where his toes were supposed to begin.

So, what are YOU going to get out of the lockdown?

Putting this in Eds so it doesn't get gobbled up in GD

The quarantine/lockdown/shelter in place/shut in/STAY AT HOME

Early on I read this should really be a health check for everyone. If you got it, the healthier you are the more likely you are to get through it (most people will) but you should use this opportunity to take inventory of things you do.

I also read that to pass the time, take up or re-try 3 things
So I picked a few:
Stay off the booze - no drinky (except last Friday) since the first weekend we were at home
Quit smoking - kinda started Thursday (patch)with a few puffs out of habit here and there and then I found a pack of smokes on the shelf with my gum stash. Yesterday I smoked it up. I put the patch on today at 9am and it's working I have no real want for a smoke.
Pick up the guitar - two days in. Going pretty good thanks to advice from DU'ers on a couple of treads.
Spanish - haven't started that yet.
Work out - hobbled by a gout attack but I've been putting in my sit-ups and pushups (not ever day). I've lost 5 pounds since Wednesday. Feeling great.

So. Got any plans?

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