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Okay, that was the weirdest funeral I've ever attended

Funeral for a family member who died quite unexpectedly last week. I'll refer to him as Brian.
Where it happened doesn't matter but the fact this was in front of a family of Presbyterians and Catholics made it stranger. My uncle attended his small Presbyterian Church so I figured it would be his minister.

This was at a funeral home not a church.

Two short stories about the deceased and then it was full fire and brimstone. No yelling but it was constant and unrelenting. "There are two places..." I'm thinking OH NO "....heaven and hell". He went on to paint a beautiful picture of heaven and then the horrors of hell. "If you ever want to see Brian again you must be born again"

We already bowed our heads in prayer once but then this "Bow your heads and close your eyes" Me: Whaaaat? "If you have not been born again please raise your hand. Don't worry I won't mention names" we stayed like this for at least 2 minutes "Okay. Now if you haven't raised your hand but you aren't born again I want you to think about this and what awaits you". He just kept going. I'm looking at my watch thinking please this can't go on much longer. BTW - no I didn't peak to see who had their hand up.

A while after we returned to the light I saw my cousin say something to his mother. They were sitting in the row in front of us. I found out later he said, "I stopped listening 10 minutes ago". They are Catholic.

On the way to the cemetery my Mom, in her Mom way, asked, "So what did you think of the ceremony?"
Me (as deftly as I could say it): "Well I wasn't expecting that"
My stepfather: "I wanted to hear more about Brian"
Me: "Yeah"

After we went to the cemetery and everyone else left there were 6 of us left.

My cousin (Presbyterian) starts with "What the hell was that Baptist crap?!?!" Granted my cousin can be quite an a-hole.
I said, "That wasn't Baptist. (My wife) is Baptist and I've never seen anything like THAT. Mom tells me he's non-denominational - my cousin's eyes start rolling - and self ordained"
My cousin "Oh. My. God. No wonder." Then this "Look you can invite me. And you can invite me again..but I don't need to be invited EIGHT TIMES". I think that was a low count.

My aunt (Catholic - see "10 minutes ago" above) says, "he was talking about Jesus and he quoted Isiah, that's the OLD TESTAMENT! I almost stood up and said 'That's enough!" My aunt is normally a super sweet demure type.

Like I said this wasn't Brian's regular minister. It Brian's nephew from his side of the family. Someone thought it would be a good idea to have him officiate the ceremony.


Please offer details and observations here for those of us not able to watch or those who will come here later to get a re-cap.

My answer to Comey's "What happened to these people?"

In 2006 the Republicans were at best in shambles. The war had not only been horribly miss run but it was clearly a lie. Katrina exposes them as careless and uncaring. They had fallen apart. THEN all their rhetoric and policies lead to the biggest financial and economic collapse in history.

They survived because the media needed them. No one will watch a one horse race. Slowly they climbed back. First with a split in their party orchestrated to divert attention from recent disastrous history. The lines were blurred as to who did what before the collapse.

Right now they know this is their last chance to avoid obliteration. If Trump goes down, if hes charged or kicked out of office they will be in the wilderness for years. And they know it.

Answer: this is survival mode for them and the preservation of the two party system as weve known it, or at least their place in it. All hands on deck.

😳 Please Do Not Dump Trash On White Supremacist Leaders' Properties 😆

I looked into this, Truth or Fiction can't confirm this is authentic but it's still funny. Both of these scumbags were in Charlottesville in August 2017 and Evan Anderson organized a rally in Charlottesville in May of that year which set the stage for the later disaster.

Like I said. Funny. Enjoy.

Boba Fett without his helmet

Jeremy Bulloch

😁 Now 50% OFF ..............MEMES 😳


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