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The Inn at Little Washington Thinks Mannequins Will Make Social Distancing Less Awkward

The Michelin-starred restaurant hopes to make its dining room feel less empty once customers return at limited capacity

The D.C. area’s only restaurant with three Michelin stars, famous for show-stopping presentations of its haute American tasting menus, has come up with an equally theatrical — albeit, a little creepy — way to make its dining room fell less empty while social distancing protocols go into place. When the Inn at Little Washington can host visitors inside its glamorous, rural Virginia digs, chef Patrick O’Connell plans to seat unused tables with mannequins wearing vintage, 1940s-style outfits.

The Inn plans to open for dinner on Friday, May 29. Under Virginia’s current plan, it could welcome customers for half-capacity outdoor seating as early as Friday, May 15. If Virginia progresses through its first phase of reopening quickly, the Shenandoah Valley destination may be able to serve customers inside by the time it opens its doors.

The Inn is in Rappahannock County, so it’s outside of the Northern Virginia region that will start reopening later than the rest of the state. With tasting menus that run $248 per person before wine pairings, it’s a luxury draw for big spenders from D.C. That could tempt city dwellers to drive out and patronize the restaurant before their own local regulations allow. D.C.’s emergency orders expire May 15, but Mayor Muriel Bowser has already said she expects to move that date.


The Inn, which houses 23 opulent guest rooms, also plans to capitalize on its sprawling 20-acre property with a new picnic lunch-and-garden tour led by a dedicated horticulturist. The “Garden and Ground Tour and Box Lunch” addition kicks off for Memorial Day weekend on Friday, May 22, and will run every Friday through Monday indefinitely in two time slots (11 a.m. and 1 p.m.). Tables will be set up around the lush property for guests who want to partake in an al fresco lunch (with the option to add wine) after strolling around its gardens.

Trump shows off his "plan". I just knew this wasn't going to go well

I saw a brief clip of this yesterday and instantly knew this was going to blow up in their face. I didn’t even have the sound turned up but I said out loud “Oh no. Please tell me this isn’t cover for ignoring the Obama playbook”. And then I laughed.

Today we learned that their plans specific to daycare and bars are 1 page Yes/No brainers that everyone already knows.

The New York Post has the video which is HILARIOUS. It looks like Trump and McEnany are either taking kids on a field trip or the worst tour guides ever.

REVEALED: Trump's pandemic 'plan' that press secretary waved at reporters was savaged in wargame report she was also holding - which warned of medical supply shortages, inadequate funding, and federal confusion just months before outbreak


Trump claimed Thursday that he did have a playbook to battle the pandemic
He had press secretary Kayleigh McEnany carrying binders to prove his point
One was a January 2018 plan titled 'Pandemic Crisis Action Plan Ver. 2.0'
She also held after-action report from 2019 'Crimson Contagion' simulation
The wargame simulated a deadly influenza pandemic originating in China
Report found severe deficiencies in federal preparedness for an outbreak
Warned of confusion in federal response over agency responsibilities
Predicted shortfall of masks and ventilators due to inadequate supply chains
Bluntly stated there was 'insufficient funding' designated for a pandemic

COVID restaurant design. Don't need to get smart with a translator on this one.



Afin de permettre aux restaurants d’assurer le respect de la distanciation sociale tout en effectuant le service, un designer français a conçu des cloches en plexiglas qui se suspendent au plafond.

C’est le designer décorateur Christophe Gernigon qui est à l’origine du projet, baptisé Plex’Eat. « J’étais inquiet pour les restaurateurs. J’ai alors réfléchi à un dispositif qui permettait de retrouver la convivialité autour d’une table mais sans prendre de risque» explique-t-il.

L’idée est venue d’un fauteuil découvert dans un concept store en Asie, surplombé d’une cloche, qui permettait d’écouter de la musique tranquillement.


I was today years old when I learned about HELLCOW

I’m not sure how we ended up finding out about HELLCOW but my daughter and I were cracking up about this.

Powers and abilities Edit

Before becoming a vampire, Bessie could produce more milk than the average cow and hence was well-favored by her owner. As Hellcow, she possesses characteristics tantamount to that of Dracula's, such as being able to suck blood from humans and being immortal. She could transform into a half-cow, half-bat form, enabling her to fly, and she could also disappear into nothingness by taking up the form of gas. She also had superbovine strength and agility.[1]

Fictional character biography

Circa 1675, Bessie, a domesticated cow living in a Swiss farm, becomes the prey of Count Dracula, who is unable to find any available humans to feed on. Bessie seemingly dies and an upset Hans, her owner, lays her to rest. Unbeknownst to Hans, Bessie has become an undead monster known as Hellcow, and rises from her grave some three nights later, in search of Dracula to take revenge on him.[1][4]

In the present day, Howard the Duck is investigating the deaths of four farmers in Cleveland, Ohio. Howard initially concludes that the perpetrator must be a chicken. Later, in the wee hours of the morning, he disguises himself as a human. Hellcow notices him and lunges for him. A scuffle commences and Howard prevails, driving a stake through her heart and apparently ending her reign of terror.[1][4]

However, Hellcow did not die; her head was still intact. Her corpse is recovered by insane scientist Doctor Kilgore. Reviving her, Kilgore imprisons Hellcow and collects her "vampiric milk", which he believes he can exploit to cure his tuberculosis as well as attain immortality. When this plan does not fully work, Kilgore abducts Deadpool and extracts his hypophysis. Kilgore digests it, so as to give himself the power of self-healing that Deadpool has.[3]

However, the mixture of Hellcow's milk and Deadpool's gland in Kilgore's body goes awry, driving him even more crazy. The vampire cow and the mercenary join forces; Hellcow turns Deadpool into a vampire temporarily and together they rid Kilgore from the world permanently. Deadpool and Hellcow escape from Kilgore's abode but the latter is instantly burnt to a crisp as it is daytime. Deadpool travels back to the previous comic book panel and after a few tries, saves Hellcow from dying and thus "reviving" her.[3]

Hellcow appeared in Spider-Man/Deadpool as a member of Deadpool Inc., a group of odd characters Deadpool's recruited to steal and sell abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. technology. She can now inexplicably walk upright, has a mostly human figure (barring her head), and can talk.[5]


Status Magazine included Hellcow in its list of "Top 5 Weirdest Marvel Characters" in April 2012.[7] Bjarki Dagur of Filmophilia found Hellcow to be either "the worst idea for a character I have ever heard, or the greatest thing that has ever existed"

Come on Rightwing Media - contact tracing - that's a conspiracy lay-up

I have to say I'm shocked they haven't jumped on this contact tracing yet

I was thinking about this this morning for some reason.

Contact tracing?!?? The government needs to know where you’ve been and who you’ve talked to!!! HOW ARE THEY GOING TO DO THAT?!?!? ....and then something about Soros, Bill Gates, phone tracking (which is done), implants, vaccines, etc. oooh! Implants during COVID testing - that could be a good one.

It’s like they’re not even trying.
Or they’ve distracted THEMSELVES with “Obamagate”.

If you were wondering WTF "Obamagate" is - Fox News is on it


Basically the entire front page except for bits about Dr. Fauci and Bryan Adams.

Why were the press conference mics set at waist level?

I came into watching it near the end and knew something was off. The reporters in masks was one thing.

Watching the replays last night I realized that all the reporters had to bend over to ask their questions. Due to her proximity to a mic, the CBS reporter was seated.

It could just be a staging trick but this IS the Trump Clustertrump. Trump, for some reason, seems to think these appearances are a good idea and part of that seems to be that he thinks he’s dominating the press.

Trump: We're going into transition and I call it transition to greatness


In Canada this is a WTF...eh? moment

Trump calls the pandemic 'worse than Pearl Harbor' -- and declares a cease-fire

Dana Milbank


One can imagine how things might have gone if Donald Trump had been the president who received Einstein’s letter: After two months, he would have congratulated himself for a “phenomenal job,” wound down his atomic task force and left the whole nuclear thing to the states.

Trump congratulates himself for “an incredible job on testing,” backing that up once again Wednesday with his wildly false claim that the United States has tested more than all other countries combined. He said states “have everything they need” and that if any American worker is nervous about possible exposure and wants to get a test, “they should have no problem.”

Trump’s idea of a Manhattan Project is apparently to install a Manhattan real estate investor — Jared Kushner — in charge of a group of volunteers prioritizing protective-equipment requests from Fox News personalities. Without a federal government empowering a real Manhattan Project, some scientists, billionaires and industrialists have tried to form their own, the Wall Street Journal reports. But group members recognize their ideas “could be ignored altogether by the Trump administration.”


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