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Friday Night Movie - The Outsiders (1983)

My daughter has read the book so we figured why not. PG.

Francis Ford Coppola
Incredible cast

This came out when I was in high school so Iím sure itís been on a TV in the same room as I have before. If Iíve seen it before I donít remember seeing the whole thing. And now I know why.

That was horrible. One of the worst movies Iíve ever seen. The acting was bad and there was almost no chemistry at all. The music didnít match the movie at all. Stevie Wonder??? Where the hell did that come from? Even the opening credits (enlarged) were odd.

My family tells me the weird almost soundstage sunset visuals were a tie-in to Gone With The Wind. Okay....I guess since the book is in the film.

I was sitting watching it almost thinking my family was prancing me with some weird alternative version or something.

Karl Rove (on Fox) complaining about Biden WHILE Joe's on TV


Paul Krugman enters the pantheon of commentators backgrounds

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