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The Big Flower Fight (BBC - Netflix)

We are really enjoying this. We were looking for something new to watch as a family.

This follows The Great British Bake Off model.
There are American contestants though.
No angst. No drama. Lots on support and community.

Really interesting characters too.

They make MASSIVE (8-10 feet) presentations based on a weekly themes and components.
Thrones with edible elements.
8 foot beasts with long grass

I know nothing about floristry but almost none of the contestants are florists. Artists, photographers, father & son, etc. Everyone has their eye for art and that’s what makes this so interesting.

Shot at the Royal Gardens in Kew. Crazy biodome workspace.

"Redskins" NFL name change is going to happen. Two leading contenders are.....

CBS Sports says “Warriors” is the lead contender. Fox News has former player and radio guy Doc Walker supporting it.

“The Warriors. It's so easy,” Walker said. “All you have to do is put the arrow back on the helmet. You don't have to change anything else. Warriors on the warpath, fight for old D.C. It's that simple.”


ESPN’s Adam Schefter says “The Redtails” is most likely and is supported by current starting QB Dwayne Haskins.
The Redtails was the nickname for the Tuskegee Airmen. Three of the first five accepted into the program were from DC.



Can’t find the link now.

CNN - Fauci was at WH listening to Task Force meeting at Dept. of Education

Kaitlin Collins just reported that Dr. Fauci was told to go to the White House (Situation Room) and participate via Conference Call. The actual Task Force meeting and the press conference were at the Department of Education.

Anderson Cooper was clearly flabbergasted. He compared it to someone being sent to a utility closet while EVERYONE ELSE is at a meeting somewhere else or in another room.

Dr. Fauci did participate but from about a mile and a half away. Away from the press conference and cameras too of course.

Trump hasn’t attended a Task Force meeting since April.

Haircut after 4+ months.

This was ALL around the chair.
Went from hermit hair to basically passable in the military

There was a meteotsunami in the Chesapeake Bay yesterday

Rare Storm-Driven Tsunami Forms in Upper Chesapeake Bay

When intense storms moved through the Chesapeake region on Monday afternoon and evening, a weather phenomenon occured in the Bay: a tsunami.

Yes, you read that right: The National Weather Service Mount Holly office says a rare meteotsunami happened in the Chesapeake Bay near Tolchester Beach. This is a tsunami wave that is brought on by air-pressure disturbances often associated with fast-moving weather events like severe thunderstorms, squalls, and other storm fronts– not by seismic activity.

NOAA Tsunami Warning Coordinator Dave Snider, who spoke to Bay Bulletin all the way from the National Tsunami Warning Center in Alaska, says it’s entirely possible a storm that strong could make the air pressure drop enough to create a meteotsunami.


Bad news

Family member tested positive last week.
Just need to vent a bit.

This is flat out tearing me up. My wife is taking this better than I am.

Older relative in Georgia but not Atlanta. They are in the ER awaiting getting admitted because the hospital is swamped. EMT kept their phone worried the chaos at the hospital would result in them loosing the phone. Madness. We are 9 hours away but we do have family there.

Sorry. Trying to be very nonspecific. It’s bad.

X - Fourth of July

Source: NFL plans to play Black national anthem before Week 1 games

"Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing," traditionally known as the Black national anthem, is expected to be performed live or played before every Week 1 NFL game, and the league is considering a variety of other measures during the upcoming season to recognize victims of police brutality, a source familiar with the league's discussions told The Undefeated on Thursday.

The song would be performed before "The Star-Spangled Banner," the source said. The NFL's season opener is scheduled for Sept. 10, with the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans.

Having recently displayed increased awareness about the problems of systemic racism, the NFL, in collaboration with the NFL Players Association, is also considering listing the names of victims on uniforms through decals on helmets or patches on jerseys. The NFL also may produce educational programs about victims, among other plans.


I will try to explain what I'm watching on local Richmond television

The Stonewall Jackson Monument is on the ground.
This is something I never ever thought I’d see.

Not a native of Richmond. The monuments have been a part of the identity of the city for 100 years. Central to its core. These monuments towered over the city and let everyone know exactly the priorities of this place. They have been in almost every advertisement or promotion of the city.

There was a crowd of “thousands” watching and cheering. Massive thunderstorm hit just as the crane started to lift it off the base. They stayed.

5 weeks of protests and a giant leap taken by the Governor. It was Groundhog Day 2019 that his black face pictures were made public.

I’m truly amazed.
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