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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 165,436

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Small school football scores

Alvernia U 20 Gallaudet 14
Carson-Newman 20 West Florida 14
Southwestern Oklahoma 35 Southeastern Oklahoma 17
Worcester State 0 Worcester Polytechnic 51
SUNY Maritime 24 Maine Maritime 14
FDU-Florham 56 Merchant Marine 48
Carnegie Mellon 24 MIT 7
North Central 43 CNU 13
Ferrum didn't play
Union 36 Hampton 17
University of Texas of the Permian Basin 60 Wayland Baptist 7
Mount Union, St. John's (MN), Colorado School of Mines all won. South Dakota Mines lost.

Sling TV - TWO free weeks of NFL RedZone

FYI - if we reach 11 Hurricanes this year it will be name.....oh no...

List of 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Names:

Wendy <----- Really?


UFFS!(Friday Night) NOAA backs Trump on Alabama hurricane forecast, rebukes Weather Service

NOAA backs Trump on Alabama hurricane forecast, rebukes Weather Service for accurately contradicting him

The federal agency that oversees the National Weather Service has sided with President Trump over its own scientists in the ongoing controversy over whether Alabama was at risk of a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian.

In an unusual move, the statement also admonished its National Weather Service office in Birmingham, Ala., which had released a tweet contradicting Trump’s claim and stating, “Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian.”

The NOAA statement said: “The Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morning tweet spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time."

Released six days after Trump’s first tweet on the matter, the NOAA statement was unsigned, neither from the acting head of the agency nor any particular spokesman. It also came a day after the president’s homeland security and counterterrorism adviser released a statement justifying Trump’s claims of the Alabama threat.

The NOAA statement Friday makes no reference to the fact that when Trump tweeted that Alabama was at risk, it was not in the National Hurricane Center’s “cone of uncertainty,” which is where forecasters determine the storm is most likely to track. Alabama also had not appeared in the cone in days earlier, and no Hurricane Center text product ever mentioned the state.


DU, I have a *graphic* question

Could you imagine going into a presentation (whether it be a poster board type visual kind or in my case a spreadsheet) having used a Sharpie to correct, add, or remove part of the presentation?

Crossing out a 5 and adding or making it a 6
Using it to draw an arrow you forgot
Adding a line on a flowchart you left out

Aside from the reaction, would you ever consider doing that? Wouldn't you KNOW that it would leap off the page and it would be all anyone notices?

If the member of a team in a time constraint wouldn't SOMONE say "No! Stop!" choosing to let it fly or come up with some plan to explain it or just scrapping the visual. Of course there is also avoiding it by being professional and reviewing the presentation for errors.

As a financial type person I also couldn't imagine walking into a meeting with numbers that aren't up to date let alone 5 months (days in Clustertrump's case) old.

BTW - Sharpie offers an autocorrect of "Sharpiegate" and I think I've only typed that once and it was on my phone not this iPad.

😳 I wasn't sure weather or not to do this but.....MEMES 😁😆


WV - Pastor's wife fires gun during fight with another pastor's wife in church parking lot


Fayette County Sheriff’s Office deputies have charged a 44-year-old pastor’s wife with wanton endangerment after she allegedly fired a pistol in a church parking lot in May. The incident reportedly happened during a heated meeting with the wife of the church youth pastor.

Melinda Frye Toney, of Oak Hill, was charged on Aug. 22, after police viewed video surveillance that had been taken at New Life Apostolic Church in Oak Hill on May 11, according to Fayette Sheriff’s Detective Kevin Willis.

According to Willis, Toney left the meeting and walked out to her vehicle in the church parking lot.

“At some point, the suspect leaves the church and goes outside and retrieves a firearm,” said the detective. “So then, whenever she comes outside of the church, the husband is with her and realizes what she is doing and goes to grab her, and it goes off.”

He (Det. Willis) added that Toney had a concealed weapon permit at the time the pistol fired, which he believes “should be revoked” after court proceedings on the wanton endangerment charge.


Trump IS taller than Obama ......... 😆

SEE! TOLD YA! Trump shows old Dorian forecast with Sharpie added

to PROVE he was right about Al Abama being at risk.

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