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underpants's Journal
underpants's Journal
June 29, 2023

Today's SCOTUS Affirmative Action ruling stems from decades of racism hiding as pro-life

The origins of pro-life come from Paul Weyrich tapping into the evangelicals to protect racist colleges’ tax exempt status. Bob Jones U specifically.

The Real Origins of the Religious Right
They’ll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record’s clear: It was segregation.


But the abortion myth quickly collapses under historical scrutiny. In fact, it wasn’t until 1979—a full six years after Roe—that evangelical leaders, at the behest of conservative activist Paul Weyrich, seized on abortion not for moral reasons, but as a rallying-cry to deny President Jimmy Carter a second term. Why? Because the anti-abortion crusade was more palatable than the religious right’s real motive: protecting segregated schools. So much for the new abolitionism.

In May 1969, a group of African-American parents in Holmes County, Mississippi, sued the Treasury Department to prevent three new whites-only K-12 private academies from securing full tax-exempt status, arguing that their discriminatory policies prevented them from being considered “charitable” institutions. The schools had been founded in the mid-1960s in response to the desegregation of public schools set in motion by the Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954. In 1969, the first year of desegregation, the number of white students enrolled in public schools in Holmes County dropped from 771 to 28; the following year, that number fell to zero.

The Green v. Connally ruling provided a necessary first step: It captured the attention of evangelical leaders , especially as the IRS began sending questionnaires to church-related “segregation academies,” including Falwell’s own Lynchburg Christian School, inquiring about their racial policies. Falwell was furious. “In some states,” he famously complained, “It’s easier to open a massage parlor than a Christian school.”

One such school, Bob Jones University—a fundamentalist college in Greenville, South Carolina—was especially obdurate. The IRS had sent its first letter to Bob Jones University in November 1970 to ascertain whether or not it discriminated on the basis of race. The school responded defiantly: It did not admit African Americans.

June 27, 2023

NYT - Ryan Seacrest to be new host of Wheel of Fortune

Dan Patrick hosted Sports Jeopardy. They film 5 shows a day so the hosts of Jeopardy and Wheel work 50-60 days a year. The same crew does both shows in different studios. They flip between the 2.


June 26, 2023

Colorado Rockies Pitcher Chase Anderson Makes History in a Way That Nobody Wants to vs. Angels

The Los Angeles Angels beat the Colorado Rockies on Saturday night by a score of 25-1. From the Angels perspective, the game was historic on several levels. We covered that here.

Per ESPN Stats & Info:

Mike Trout, Brandon Drury and Matt Thaiss hit back-to-back-to-back HR on 3 straight pitches vs Rockies starter Chase Anderson.

The last time a team hit 3 HR on 3 straight pitches was the Yankees on Sept. 17, 2020 vs the Blue Jays (Gardner, LeMahieu, Voit)...also against Chase Anderson.


June 24, 2023

Charges against Wagner chief will be dropped, Kremlin says


Criminal charges previously started against Prigozhin will be dropped, and the Wagner boss will go to Belarus, said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. The guarantee that Prigozhin will be able to go to Belarus is based on Putin’s word, according to Peskov. Pro-Kremlin media also reported that 15 Russian servicemen were killed in clashes with Wagner forces, though no official figures on casualties have been released. The Washington Post could not independently verify the casualties.
June 24, 2023


Always remember that the Russians in the Capital City presume they will someday rule the world.

They are clearly superior to the other time zones. 11–13 I think.

This predates the Old Guard not willing to give up to a bunch hay farmers from America. They lost 27 million in WWII. That’s the muscle, not the control.

The control knows they are superior. Than everyone. Do the French have a Russian winter?

Pre-revolution post-revolution same same.

Is it possible that I see Russia fail completely twice in my life?

I hope so.


June 23, 2023

Biden wasn't VP when Hunter sent the WhatsApp message. 😳Wow!😳

Last night was the first time I’d seen this message even though I’d heard about it (it’s usually said to be messageS) for a while. My wife’s first comment was “Does anyone consider that he could have been lying?”

We were watching CNN and I don’t remember them mentioning the date.

I read this from Media Matters (below), the message was sent July 30, 2017. Joe was in his 6th month of what everyone thought would be his retirement.

Totally blew me away. Media Matters details the rightwing media’s coverage of this story and how even they let the date slip in from time to time.


However, The New York Times reports that one of the whistleblowers, IRS agent Gary Shapley, also told Congress that there was evidence some of Hunter Biden’s claims of his father’s support in his business dealings were really “wishful thinking.” Shapley quoted Hunter Biden business associate Rob Walker as having told investigators: “I certainly never was thinking at any time the V.P. was a part of anything we were doing.” CNN also reported that the second, unnamed whistleblower spoke with Congress, “saying prosecutors questioned whether they could be sure Hunter Biden was telling the truth that his father was actually in the room in the messages.”

Later in the program however, Varney delivered a monologue in which he repeated the false claim. “‘I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father’ — that was then-Vice President Joe Biden,” Varney declared. “We don't know if Hunter was actually sitting next to his father, but that was clearly a threat — clearly using the office of vice president to intimidate.”

Of course, this message could not have been “using the office of vice president to intimidate,” because that office was held at the time by then-Vice President Mike Pence.

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