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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 162,707

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Christiansburg VA's hilarious friendly business sign war 😆👍🤠

Christiansburg businesses battle-it-out in friendly sign war, captures world’s attention


The Christiansburg Sign War started as a friendly business sign competition. The first two businesses to fire the first shots were a music and shoe store that inspired others to get into the game.

Now, more than 13,000 people on Facebook are sitting on the edge of their seats to see what businesses will post next.

The war began when Jim Bohon, a guitar and drum teacher at Bridge Kaldro Music, wanted to start a little friendly sign competition with neighbor Super Shoes. The sign read, “Hey Super Shoes! Wanna start a sign war?!”

“I think that the last 14 months have been so isolating for people, I think to have something light-hearted and fun while they’re still safely at home on their computers, their tablets, their phones that they’re able to see what’s happening between these businesses,” Woodyard said. “To see the lively banter has really made people excited about what’s happening.”


Eeeeeverybody's got one

This is not a cheap thrift store joke

*SPOILER 🚨 ALERT* Josh won the Josh Fight #JoshFight


Remember that Viral "Joshua Fight" Meme? It Actually Happened, and It Was Epic

While money was originally going to be raised for legal fees to help the Joshes who lost to change their names, that quickly changed.

A fundraiser was instead launched to The Children's Hospital and Medical Center, and every single participant was encouraged to bring at least one non-perishable food item to the Food Bank of Lincoln.


Twitter posts no longer visible on DU

I recently replaced my Sprint SIM card with the TMobile card and then got a new phone - iPhone 12 Mini. Tweets posted on DU now just appear as a hyperlink that I click on and go to Twitter.

I do have a twitter account and am logged in

On my iPad the same thing is happening. That device is unchanged and runs off the Verizon WiFi at home.


Please help.

(Christmas) Gift idea ***🤭 WARNING ⚠️ LANGUAGE ***

Oh no! Not again! Funny Mark Hammill Twitter thread



We made Oxygen!!!! On Mars!!! With a toaster sized thingy!

Sorry I didn’t see this yesterday

Perseverance rover just made oxygen on Mars


The rover on Tuesday successfully converted some of the plentiful carbon dioxide on Mars into oxygen as a first test of its MOXIE instrument. The name MOXIE is short for Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment.

After warming up for about two hours, MOXIE produced 5.4 grams of oxygen. This is enough to sustain an astronaut for about 10 minutes.

The instrument is about the size of a toaster, and it's a technology demonstration installed on the rover. If this experiment is successful, it could assist with human exploration of Mars in the future.

Rock Stars pictures from youth - you can really see them 👍

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