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Black Friday 2015 rioting: a round-up of the chaos, fighting, pushing & shoving from America's malls


Kentucky would appear to have taken the early lead in Black Friday disturbances , as two separate videos from fighting from two different malls began circulating over social media.

In Lexington, Kentucky, two men brawled in the food court of Mall St. Matthews, reports the New York Daily News. As they wrestled on the floor, a woman who was unable to get out of the way was knocked over.

In the second incident, video shows a group of men wildly throwing punches in the walkway of a mall in Florence, Kentucky.

It is unclear what started it, but at this point does that even matter?

What Kentucky offered in fisticuffs, Saginaw, Michigan provided unbridled audacity. Video posted on Youtube shows a crowd lapsing into bedlam over discounted veggie steamers. At one point an unknown woman grabs a veggie steamer cooker right from the arms of a child. This, of course, leads the child's mother and the woman to start fighting

Well DU, it's been nice knowing you

Apparently the world is ending tomorrow.

The Hadron super-collider is making anti-matter in Switzerland
The Pope AND the Chinese leader are both in DC which has something to do with a One Global Currency
There is a Blood moon later this week
Yom Kippur and the autumnal equinox are on the same day
And so forth

I might be missing some parts but that is the gist of what a co-worker felt compelled to stop me in the hall, for a good 10 minutes, this morning to explain.

She is extremely devout (but not Evangelical) but she doesn't necessarily believe it..... but friends of hers have been "reading some websites" "not any that I'd go to but they are Christians sites" and all signs point to the end of days.

So this is goodbye, I guess, DU. it's been fun. I hope we made a difference. I am sure we all have learned a lot and had a good time DUing it.

Details of George W. Bush's re-emergence schedule released

Following what many have called his "triumphant" return to New Orleans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina the Bush Presidential Library released details of his upcoming appearance schedule.

September - Iraq - walking tour and photo opportunities for the grateful people of Baghdad

October - Wall Street - a highly anticipated return to the center of his economic legacy
October - undisclosed - fund raiser for a Presidential candidate. Specifics to be released later

November - Cleveland - off year? There is no off year for Democracy! Reenactment of the resilency of the Democratic spirit. Reenactors please arrive a 6am - former President Bush will make himself available later that afternoon.

New Event Just added!
November - Utah - Former President Bush will tour the site of the NSA Super Intelligence Collection Computer. Speech by Former Vice President Dick Cheney on national security in this new American century to follow

Southern swing
December - Florida - formerly occupied neighborhood specifics to be released later. Prior residents will be able to enjoy a town hall meeting with the former President to discuss "the good old days".

December - Atlanta - the former President will pay homage to his decision to attend the birthday celebrations for the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Standup political fundraising dinner (choice hot dogs or burgers) in Atlanta and New Orleans HE'S BACK AGAIN! to follow at undisclosed locations.

SURPRISE Northern trip
December -Washington DC - Previous site of Walter Reed Military Hospital which was closed after his time in office. Open forum on improving the current state of health care for active duty and Veterans of our Armed Forces.

December - New York City - The big one! Former President Bush will replicate his historic speech to the firefighters and rescue personnel following the attacks of 9/11. Authentic rubble from the Presidential Library's private collection will be on site and available for the public to view.

You can't "run" through a campground

You have to "ran", because it is past tents

Rural Youth Suicide Incidents Close to Double Urban Rate


Suicide is the third leading cause of death for adolescents aged 10 to 24 and results in approximately 4,600 lives lost every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The rate of suicides for youth living in rural areas is almost double the rate for youth living in urban areas. That’s what a new study by researchers at the Wexner Medical Center in Ohio found. The study, titled “Widening Rural-Urban Disparities in Youth Suicides,” was published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association of Pediatrics on March 9.

“What we found was that suicide rates, even though gun use has decreased and hanging has become the more common method of suicide rates for males and females, we found that suicide rates by firearm and hanging are disproportionately higher in rural areas than in urban areas for both sexes,” said Fontanella.

In the study, Fontanella said she and her colleagues speculated why there may be higher suicide rate in rural areas, including barriers, or limited access, to mental health care, social and geographical isolation, socio-economic factors, and a disproportionate stigma associated with mental illness in rural areas. Firearm ownership may be another consideration.

“Prior research has shown that rural areas tend to have higher rates of suicide, but the fact that these disparities are widening over time is a novel finding,” she said.
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