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underpants's Journal
underpants's Journal
November 17, 2017

Nearing the end of the first quarter it's Deep State 57 Trump U. 7

Well Chris we're almost done with the first quarter and Deep State is really putting an ooold fashioned Tuscaloosa whompin on Trump U. 57 to 7.

Yeah this has really been something else. Deep State's experience together and solid leadership has been a stark difference from Trump U's almost chaotic beginning.

Keith: Rumbling stumbling bumbling.

Chris: yeah it's like they never even practiced before this game. Deep State clearly had a plan to go to the air early and then put Virginia in the game and relied on their strong ground game.

Keith: Hello Heisman!

Chris: Other than that rather unorthodox touchdown with Gorsuch, the only thing that looked organized or coordinated from their side was their Pep rally. I've never seen so much screaming and yelling IN a huddle.

Also, their schemes are very confusing. I'm not sure what they had in mind when that one guy ended up in the bushes.

Keith: Like a barn fight with a whole lot of chickens.
Speaking of their support, this has been an odd one.

Chris: Yeah usually the fans sit in the stands not as a cheering section ON the sideline.

Keith: Speaking of cheering Trump U only seems to have two cheerleaders. The dark haired one and what I'm guessing is a grad student.

Chris: Why does the one keep pointing at the press box and scowling and the other keeps yelling about Bowling Green?

Keith: Harder to figure out than a MIT math problem. Whatta you see going forward?

Chris: From the Deep State more of the same. Ground game. For Trump U, I'd say stay away from all the penalties and in fighting. We heard a lot about this Kushner kid coming in but we haven't anything from him yet. Also they really need to stop this Jr. kid from just running onto the field on his own. He's gotten the ball twice and run the wrong way both times.

Keith: Couldn't find his way out of Tallahassee with a map. Okay we'll be right back after this.

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