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😁MEMEorial Day Weekend. 🇺🇸 ...and I'm adulty now buying a house!!!

Our bid was accepted yesterday. They upped the price by $50 to get to a round number but they are paying our closing costs. VA loan so no money down.

So now that I'm going to be the old guy at the end of the block let's start here:



Aaaaaaand finally .......

All I wanted was a coke*.....drugstore encounter

* referencing the Suicidal Tendencies song

Young woman (Black)
Older woman (White)

I go in just to pick up a 6 pack of cokes. I see the older woman with a shopping cart (didn't know they had those at drugstores) with the young woman behind her walking down an aisle. There some chatter going on. None of my business.

As I grab the cokes I see and hear the young woman (in scrubs) say, "no I've got you. You are a f'ing racist bitch"
Back and forth with the older woman declaring herself "NOT a racist bitch". She states that someone (she got this mixed up several times) in her family is "a....he's black". They are really going at it.

I get to the register and the cashier asks how I'm doing. Me, "better than THAT" pointing my thumb over my shoulder. As I'm leaving the older woman parks the shopping cart by the front door and says "I'll buy this later" then she says to the cashier "I think she has a gun".
She then walks out, through the parking lot, and on to the sidewalk. This is suburbia, no one walks around here unless they don't drive.

Morning coffee and negotiations with Chinese investors

Venting. I looked them up. One is a tech guy from Ga. Tech and the other is a real estate guy. Investment property.

So we put in a bid for a house yesterday. $4k below list (it’s been dropping $5k a week since April) and cover our closing costs. Underpants is cheap - I check toll booths for change.

They counter this morning by upping the price by 4 $1k off closing and no warranty (which is standard round here). We go back with -4 on price and lose 2 on closing. First time we’ve done this but my wife negotiates contracts for a living.

See, this is why God made REM .... and vodka <—- that’s later right now it’s straight coffee.
Blasting early REM and some Foo Fighters. Ugh!!!!

*LIVE* All in the Family & The Jefferson's starting NOW. ABC.

Norman Lear and Jimmy Kimmel.

Seriously. Just STOP IT already. Star Wars so don't read if you don't want to know

Come on. Enough already.

We talk about movie magic, but sometimes the magic's real. The Rise of Skywalker will focus on the new generation of Star Wars heroes, but Carrie Fisher, who died in 2016, will once again make an appearance as General (formerly Princess) Leia Organa.

Vanity Fair shared the news on Monday that Leia will share scenes with Resistance fighter Lieutenant Connix, played by Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd. Lourd appeared in the role in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. The Vanity Fair feature also includes a new batch of images from the film that gives a first look at the new characters.


Who's ready for some COOCH? Cuccinelli at Homeland Security

I heard this on the radio on the way to work. Morning talk radio host (who has some serious experience in actual politics) was discussing this with a professor from Mary Washington.

Apparently even Mitch McConnell hates The COOCH. He been very open about that. As the professor pointed out, The COOCH has absolutely no experience in this area and would walk in with knives already drawn for him. They both agreed he’d have better luck in a “Czar” appointment type situation in which he could be Trump’s “muscle” on Capital Hill regarding immigration rather than head of DHS.

Trump expected to pick Ken Cuccinelli for top DHS role

President Donald Trump is expected to pick Ken Cuccinelli for a top job at the Department of Homeland Security.

More fun in house shopping 😳😆 need some plumbing expertise

Homemade/engineered bidets.
3 of them. One in every bathroom. Not sure if that thing (it’s not a microphone) is for pressure or ???
Our agent had never seen THIS before.

People in glass houses....check out this place

This is more than a bit out of our price and comfort zone. 😳

As I scrolled through the pics I wasn’t sure if this was a house or a building on a college campus.


Weight. WHAT!?! The kilogram has changed

Out with the old kilogram, in with the new -- scientists introduce more accurate measure

The new definition is based on the Planck constant -- a physical constant observed in the natural world -- rather than the precise weight of a piece of metal kept under lock and key.

For more than 100 years Paris has been home to Le Grand K -- or the International Prototype Kilogram, as it is officially known -- a block of metal that previously defined the weight of a kilogram.

The reason for the change to the International System of Measurement (SI) units was that over time the prototype lost atoms and therefore mass because it is "susceptible to damage and environmental factors," according to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), which houses Kilo 18, Britain's copy of Le Grand K.

Le Grand K was compared with the various copies only once every 40 years, which made the calibration potentially inaccurate. Though the change in mass is roughly equivalent to the weight of an eyelash, the repercussions could be severe.


White Fudge. Limited Edition. 😆

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