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underpants's Journal
underpants's Journal
December 31, 2020

You can't fight here! This is the Armed Forces Bowl!

Tulsa and Mississippi State

December 31, 2020

Why is Trump going back to DC? Should we be worried?

Aside from the general state of worry associated with the Clustertrump, should we be worried?

He signed the spending and stimulus bill while in Florida. They brought them to him. He could sign the defense bill IF he is going to.

With the lack of Pentagon briefings with the Biden team, should we be worried? Could their actually be some sort of crisis that would normally be concerning but doubly so with Clustertrump still at the helm?

Should I just relax and enjoy the Offerpad Arizona Bowl with Ball State vs San Jose State?

December 30, 2020

QAnon - Nashville & Melania's tuxedo. Oh and the Rochester fires (Lin Wood)

Surprise! Nashville Bombing Becoming Superspreader Event For Conspiracy Theories


Alex Jones is n this too but I only have but so many paragraphs to post.

QAnon types are thinking however, that this may have been a "white hat" operation to prevent a deep state false flag. And that it was related to Melania Trump wearing a tuxedo?

Turns out they were sending a message regarding a software called "Tuxedo". "Tuxedo" is a transaction software that is owned by AT&T. So there is that tie in. Trump was sending a message to someone.....maybe a warning???

Some have even gone so far as to claim the Nashville bombing was a coverup for this fire, that it was a setup designed to distract us from the Rochester place burning the evidence the election was stolen from Trump.

Except, again, they don't print ballots. However, another company called Phoenix Graphics, also based in Rochester, does.

December 30, 2020

The long, strange journey of Colorado football's equipment truck

Colorado's entry into the absurd began when Washington had to back out of the title game because of an outbreak of COVID-19. That elevated North Division runner-up Oregon to play South champion USC, which in turn forced the cancellation of Colorado's game that weekend with Oregon. But -- and here's where the saga gets so weird it eventually involved a 48-year-old truck driver from Wellington, Colorado -- the leaders responsible for scheduling games and cashing television checks realized the conference needed a backup in case USC produced its own run of positive tests. Since Colorado was the second-place team in the South, and since the prospect of having no game at all sent a cold and bitter wind through the conference office, the Buffaloes were told to be ready to play a game in case USC couldn't.

He carries cartons of tape and pallets of prewrap and scissors and tape-cutters and bandages. He carries cases and cases of Gatorade, and boxes of food that he presumes are protein bars but has never fully investigated. ("I've never looked in there," he says, "but if I break down and I'm hungry, that story might change.&quot He carries helmets and replacement helmet parts and shoulder pads, cleats and communications equipment and popup medical tents. "Everything you see on the sideline but the benches," says Christopher Dountas, Colorado's director of football equipment.

So Lehmann would drive the truck south and await word. He and Dountas mapped out a route that would take Lehmann roughly six hours toward Albuquerque, at which point he would either head west toward California or -- if USC remained COVID-compliant -- turn around and head back to Boulder, or -- follow along here -- east to Dallas. The whole thing started to feel like a scene out of an old Western, where the lines on a map show the path of the wagon train before a match appears and burns the whole thing up.

He drives the truck part-time, hauling gear for Colorado and Colorado State, but his main gig is as a chaplain in the Wyoming Air National Guard. He enlisted at 38 years old, and when he showed up for Air Force basic training, the drill instructors, all about 10 or 15 years younger than he was, didn't know what to make of him

"They're looking at me wondering, 'Is this court-ordered?' 'Life out of options, old man?'"


December 28, 2020

Dave!? Damn man...Dave!? 😆

December 28, 2020

Washington Football Team releases QB Dwayne Haskins


"This afternoon I met with Dwayne and informed him that we would be releasing him. I told him that I believe it benefits both parties that we go our separate ways. We want to thank Dwayne for his contributions these last two seasons and wish him well moving forward," Washington coach Ron Rivera said in a statement.

Haskins, whom Washington selected with the No. 15 pick in the 2019 draft, was benched in the fourth quarter Sunday after throwing two interceptions and losing a fumble in a 20-13 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

He started for a second straight week in place of the injured Alex Smith despite being fined $40,000 and losing his role as a captain for violating COVID-19 protocols when he was photographed last week without a mask while attending his girlfriend's birthday party.

Earlier Monday, Rivera said that Taylor Heinicke, who replaced Haskins in Sunday's game, would start in Sunday night's season finale against the Philadelphia Eagles if Smith remains sidelined with a right calf injury.

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