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"Space Force" (Netflix). I guess my family are the only people who think it's funny

We watched the first two episodes last night and laughed a lot.

Aside from the politics (which seem very diminished so far) it’s either funny or it’s not. Like I said we laughed a lot. Yes we are fans of The Office but that’s not going to make us laugh now.

I’m reading the reviews and articles about how this was a sweeping miscalculation and misfire. How it’s a joke about us as a nation. Etc. look Carell has had some real duds recently there’s no doubt about that. I just don’t see this as one of them.

They have several funny standard sitcom type things - the running jokes between Gen Naird and Chan and his assistant- and it works. For us at least.

Some funny from Twitter.


Boy these Re-Open protests sure have taken a drastic turn

Sorry, been out of the news loop for a bit.

Not only are the numbers of participants much larger they aren’t all in their cars eating Chicken fil a and honking their horns. It’s clear to me at least that they are very much more energetic and spirited.

The police seem to be treating the situation a lot differently. I’m not sure if them staying out of the picture for a while nor doing anything rash is part of this change.

Anywhoooo. I guess these Re-Open people will be happy with the results they get and everything will return to normal. So it’s all nice again.

Boston Marathon is canceled


2020 Boston Marathon canceled, will be held virtually
The marathon — which had already been postponed from April to Sept. 14 due to coronavirus — will be held as a virtual event, the BAA said.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh said Thursday that the Boston Marathon will not go forward this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Walsh said that organizers of the iconic race, which brings athletes to the city from all over the world, have determined that the event, already pushed back to September from April, was “not feasible” this year.

“The Boston Athletic Association, with our input and support, has determined that the traditional one-day running of the 124th Boston Marathon is not feasible this year for public health reasons,” Walsh said at a briefing outside City Hall. “There’s no way to hold this usual race format without bringing large numbers of people into close proximity. And while our goal and hope was to make progress in containing the virus and recovering our economy, this kind of event would not be responsible or realistic on Sept. 14 or anytime this year."

Falwell Jr. complied with Gov. Northam's mask ruling like a petty little ....


Liberty President Falwell, Jr. opposed to mask mandate, designs own Northam mask


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) - Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. says he is opposed to Governor Northam's announced mandate for the wearing of masks in indoor public places.

But he tweeted a photo of a mask he would wear if told he has to. Designed by Falwell himself, it has on it a photo from the governor's college yearbook that allegedly shows Northam in blackface.

"The war is over. We won 8 to 5"

I’d never noticed that part. M*A*S*H episode called “Adams Ribs”.

Trump Team Killed Rule Designed To Protect Health Workers From Pandemic Like COVID-19

Source: NPR

When President Trump took office in 2017, his team stopped work on new federal regulations that would have forced the healthcare industry to prepare for an airborne infectious disease pandemic like COVID-19. That decision is documented in federal records reviewed by NPR.

"If that rule had gone into effect, then every hospital, every nursing home would essentially have to have a plan where they made sure they had enough respirators and they were prepared for this sort of pandemic," said David Michaels, who at the time served as head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

"H1N1 made it very clear OSHA did not have adequate standards for airborne transmission and contact transmission and so we began writing a standard to do that," Michaels said.

HIV-AIDS rule set the standard for protecting workers

OSHA experts were confident new airborne infectious disease regulations would make hospitals and nursing homes safer when future pandemics hit. That's because similar rules had already been created for blood-borne pathogens like Ebola and Hepatitis.

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2020/05/26/862018484/trump-team-killed-rule-designed-to-protect-health-workers-from-pandemic-like-cov

Tom Brady sucks at golf. This is really quite funny. $15M

So far $15M raised.

Playing in a downpour until now.

Tiger has chicken legs.
Tom Brady is in the sand. All the time. Charles Barkeley bet $50G Brady could hit the green. Charles said maybe I should have made it “on the planet”

3 funnies and JoAnne Fabrics - running around yesterday

I ventured out for some needed errands.
Primarily cloth masks at JoAnne fabrics and Step 3 nicotine patches (today is day 49 smoke free).

I saw three funny signs. No pics - I was driving for crying out loud.

“Come get your wings here...unless you’re Carol Baskin”

Movie theater - closed
“I’ll be back” the Terminator

Auto repair garage
“Tom Hanks is here
(just kidding)”

So I get to JoAnne Fabrics. I’d read on their website that you can call when you get there and they will let you know when you can come in. No curbside pick up at my local store. It’s the end store in a strip mall. There were at 25-30 people standing in line (distanced). Nope. No masks. We’ll stick with blue ones we have for now.

Okay here’s a bonus for you.

Trump is golfing today. I'm sure he's going to church tomorrow


Gotta give credit to my wife for this.
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