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I will try to explain what I'm watching on local Richmond television

The Stonewall Jackson Monument is on the ground.
This is something I never ever thought Iíd see.

Not a native of Richmond. The monuments have been a part of the identity of the city for 100 years. Central to its core. These monuments towered over the city and let everyone know exactly the priorities of this place. They have been in almost every advertisement or promotion of the city.

There was a crowd of ďthousandsĒ watching and cheering. Massive thunderstorm hit just as the crane started to lift it off the base. They stayed.

5 weeks of protests and a giant leap taken by the Governor. It was Groundhog Day 2019 that his black face pictures were made public.

Iím truly amazed.

Russian bounty - our $ paid them too + did they not trust Trump to brief him?

Two things I tried to squeeze into the subject line.

If Trump wasnít briefed (someone surely was) could it be because intel didnít trust him with the information?

Also - donít forget that US contractors paid the Taliban not to hit their employees. Thatís our money. The contractors funded Taliban operations to some degree.

Article here

His look and bitterness-it's like Ralphie never got the Red Ryder BB gun


The heat will kill the virus, right?

How can we have spikes in June! Itís hot! People are going to the beach.....oh!


The heat thing was the Chinese Partyís excuse for how they stopped SARS. Actually they did massive round-ups and containment.


The complete lack of leadership...punting it to States...horrific choices from pandering Governors....anti-science divide-at-all-turns media propaganda machine...and a sheep-like death cult.



Chelsea 2
Man. City 1

Look, "...things gotta breathe" 😁


Trump is trying to help Sen. Susan Collins ....I think


Read the whole thread if you like.

CNN - 16,600 ventilators were available. 0 purchased by Trump Admin

Daniel Dale just reported on CNN.

Fact check: Trump claimed he was left 'no ventilators.' His administration just confirmed he had more than 16,000

Washington(CNN) President Donald Trump's administration has confirmed that Trump has been wildly inaccurate when he has claimed he inherited "no ventilators" from the Obama administration.

Ventilator figures released for the first time by the Department of Health and Human Services this week definitively debunk Trump's narrative about how his team was left "empty cupboards" in the national stockpile.

A spokesperson for the department said there were 16,660 ventilators available in the stockpile in March for immediate use -- far more than the 10,760 ventilators the Trump administration has actually ended up distributing during the coronavirus pandemic as of Tuesday.

And those 16,660 available ventilators "did not include any acquired by the current administration," the spokesperson said, speaking on behalf of the department but on condition of anonymity. The total number of ventilators available for immediate use in January 2017, when Trump took office, "would not have been much different" than the 16,660 available in March of this year, the spokesperson said.

Trump signs the wall with a Sharpie

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