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Pitt vs. Virginia Tech will be first game with players required to wear face coverings in the field

Because we have to have the football game


Face coverings have been a part of college football sidelines this fall ... sort of ... but to this point they have not been present on the field during play. That's going to change Saturday when Pitt and Virginia Tech face off at 4 p.m. ET in Pittsburgh. According to a Pitt release, players will wear face coverings while on the field and sidelines "in alignment with recent guidance from state officials regarding the current health climate." The statement also said that those rules extend to Virginia Tech as well.

The office of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf issued a new order for face coverings this week, effective Nov. 17. The new order clamps down on wearing masks indoors and outdoors if people are unable to maintain social distancing. That order is extended to athletes if "they cannot maintain sustained physical distance from persons outside of their household. This includes while actively engaged in workouts, competition, and on the sidelines, in the dugout, etc. If sustained six-foot distancing can be maintained, face coverings may be removed when outdoors."

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles may have to do the same when they play their next home games over the next 10 days. The Steelers, per a spokesperson, said that they were exempt from the guidelines, but the governor's office has insisted that's not the case. Additionally, Penn State issued a separate statement on Friday saying it, too, is exempt from the order.

To put it lightly, wearing masks has been done more liberally on sidelines than the rules intended. But there has been little to no evidence of on-field transmission, according to more than a dozen people who spoke with Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated. Wearing face coverings adds another layer of difficulty on top of what is already a difficult year. There's a good chance wearing masks on the field won't be widely adopted.

This just in

PBS will broadcast Charlie Brown specials. 11/22 Thanksgiving & 12/13 Christmas

Peanuts holiday specials to air on PBS in deal with Apple

(CNN)It's good news, Charlie Brown: You're coming back to broadcast TV.

PBS, PBS Kids and Apple announced Wednesday that Snoopy and the gang will be coming to television for the holidays, after all.
Though Apple TV+ has the rights to Peanuts content, a new deal with PBS will enable the broadcaster to air "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" this year.
The beloved specials will air ad free on November 22 and December 13, respectively, a release said.


"before the government got involved and closed all these businesses"

I heard this today on local talk radio and my jaw dropped.
This must be a thing in their world Iíd missed.

The radio host was talking to a member of the state house who also runs SEAL TEAM training businesses. Itís not the virus you see itís that the governments got involved and set health standards. Gov. Northam wants to ruin Thanksgiving too.

Trump Ponies Up For Recount In Wisconsin, But Only The Black Parts

Yes itís Wonkette but the headline was just too good


Today was the Trump campaign's deadline to pony up $7.9 million if it wanted a recount in Wisconsin. Trump and his bois must be running low on grifting cash, because instead they're opting to pay $3 million to recount the votes in just two counties. The counties Team Trump is going after are Milwaukee and Dane, which gave Biden 35 percent of the votes he received in the state. They also just so happen to be home to three-quarters of Wisconsin's Black population.

Uh huh.

New York City schools closing tomorrow. Going back to remote.


Going "all in" for the cult. For what?

Look Iíve poured myself into a couple campaigns (Kerry, Obama, Tim Kaine Ď12) and you do get to a point where you are tired and excited and willing to do anything you can....within reason. Longer hours, one more canvass run, one more whatever but you know you are going home at the end of the day. The campaign isnít EVERYTHING.

How many people have gone all in and for what? The salon owner formerly of San Francisco (Pelosi), the postal employee in Pennsylvania, these two people in the certification board in Michigan. They all went all in and for what? ďWhatís in it for them?Ē as Trump once asked about the military.

I guess some of these could have been set-up. Maybe they are counting on GoFundMe money. I donít know but it seems like a big leap to take with your own future just on an extended 3rd party long shot (thatís the best I could come up with).

Maybe it trying to show that you are a good loyal soldier. I donít know.

Sometimes, it's hard to LEGO 😆

Charlie Kirk (trending) when you roll out of bed and wing it.


The more you know 💫 about farting

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