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Trump is half-assing it on the vaccine. Gee I'd like to take it but....


Why don't you drive a hybrid? Very funny 30 second ad

30 seconds, no ad.

NO SPOILERS. Rudolph and Frosty on CBS at 8 tonight.

Thatís all. No spoilers.

The Week cover "The Failed Coup"

Tree decorating quiz

Trump attending Army-Navy game at West Point.


Trump, who made strengthening the military one of his main objectives during his only term so far, is reportedly attending the game this Saturday on the West Point campus. This will be the first time the game has been played on one of the campuses since 1943.

"The president's going to make it," Chet Gladchuk told the Naval Academy's Board of Visitors on Monday. "I just found out a few moments ago he'll be at the game."

He scores!

Arizona State's Jackson He, believed to be only Chinese-born player in FBS, scores 1st TD

The redshirt junior entered in the fourth quarter Friday and, after Rachaad White stepped out at the 1 to give his teammate a chance to score, bulled through a defender into the end zone for what Arizona State said was the first touchdown by a Chinese-born player in FBS history.

A walk-on, He is believed to be the only Chinese-born player in the Football Bowl Subdivision, and the Sun Devils have celebrated his heritage by putting his name in Chinese on the back of his jersey.


Army invites its first Black varsity football player(1966), Gary Steele, to Navy game


WEST POINT, N.Y. -- Fans won't be allowed at the Army-Navy football game at West Point on Saturday because of COVID-19 restrictions, but Army athletic director Mike Buddie made an exception for Gary Steele.

Steele, a retired colonel, was one of about 30 Black students at the academy in the mid-1960s and became its first Black varsity football player in 1966, paving the way for others to follow in his footsteps.

"It's still hard for all of us to believe that it took until 1966 for the color barrier [on the football team] to be broken at West Point," said Steele's daughter, ESPN anchor Sage Steele.

The 74-year-old Steele, who also served as a football assistant coach at West Point, had to decline the offer to attend Saturday's game, his daughter said, because he is undergoing treatment for cancer back home in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

"The week of the game, he gets quite nervous," Sage Steele said. "It's really special to see. It's like it was yesterday [when he played in the game]."

Flipped over to Fox Laura Ingraham - top story - Hunter Biden. Flipped back. N/t

Paper time!


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