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Luke, he knows 😆


I'm getting fundraising robocalls from Trump

Iíve gotten several this week. The person who previously had my office phone was hard Christian Right.

This is DONALD Trump just days after the election there was an orchestrated effort to anoint a winner.... corrupt ....fraudulent votes....Iím asking for your support.

Heavy dark voice - the radical liberal left ....blah blah blah.

Ms. _______ someone is trying to get into my house

I heard of this last night via friends.

High school student on Zoom got his teachers attention to tell her that some men weíre outside of his house and trying the door handles. This kid does not have a cell. His older sister (not sure how much older) was at her boyfriends house.

The men were in a marked van from a business. Mom was eventually reached by the teacher. No word on the story with the business.

Pretty scary stuff. I donít know if the school systemís policy on this but I would have called the police.

Last minute gift idea. I'm adding it to my list.

Boston College football team decides they are done. No bowl game - no money thank you.

Yes itís sports but itís more than that.

Boston College passes on playing in bowl game in 2020 season


Boston College says it will not participate in a bowl game, becoming the first bowl-eligible team to announce it would not play in the postseason.

Athletic director Pat Kraft and coach Jeff Hafley said the decision was made as a team, after getting significant player input. They pointed to everything the players had to do to make it through a season during the coronavirus pandemic, including not being able to see friends and family after they returned to campus over the summer. In addition, there were no guarantees that any bowl they would have been selected to play in would go on as scheduled.

Since students returned to campus in late June, Boston College has administered more than 9,000 COVID-19 tests. Only one football player tested positive, in the final week of the regular season. Hafley said he noted during practice last week that his team was mentally and physically exhausted.

"These kids want to play football, but 11 games, nine in a row at one point, without having their mom or dad there after the game to hug them or say hello, the mental health of these kids is more important to me than anything. We decided the biggest reward we could give these players was to be able to go and let them finish finals and go spend time with their families. They've earned it, and they deserve it."

Look folks, this *REFERendum MANIA* is nothing new.

January 20, 1993 I watched on ABC News from an Army barracks in Germany. A Republican Congressman (forgot his name) said ďHe should be impeachedĒ. Day one. I think it had to do with gays in the military.
President Clinton

Fast forward to Obama. Yes there was all the Birtherism and Muslim nonsense going on but remember the actual inauguration? Chief Justice Roberts screws up the Oath, cool as a cucumber Obama realizes it and pauses giving Robertís a chance to correct himself which he does.
DOESNíT COUNT! HEíS NOT REALLY PRESIDENT!! they literally cried.
Okay Obama graciously agrees to repeat it just for them.
NO AUDIO! DOESNíT COUNT! HEíS NOT REALLY PRESIDENT!! Obama had had enough and moved on.
President Obama

Now we have Trump who simply canít process not winning. Sure it happens all the time to him but thereís always a way to wiggle out of it PRwise. Not this time. Black and white - W or L. Only now itís a 24 hour scream fest backing up his nonsense.
President Biden

This is nothing new itís just to a greater degree.

Fox Nation's "All American Christmas" 😁 targets young viewers

Saw this on Facebook. WOW someone must have thought buying the rights to this was a good idea. See comments below.

White House: No unemployment benefits, one-time $600 check in COVID-19 relief bill

WASHINGTON ó The Trump administration dove back into Capitol Hillís confusing COVID-19 negotiations on Tuesday, offering a $916 billion package to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that would send a $600 direct payment to most Americans ó but eliminate a $300 per week employment benefit favored by a bipartisan group of Senate negotiators.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin made the offer to Pelosi late Tuesday afternoon, he said in a statement. He offered few details, though House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said it proposes the $600 direct payment for individuals and $1,200 for couples, which is half the payment delivered by the March pandemic relief bill.

The bipartisan group, led by Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and GOP Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, among others, is seeking to rally lawmakers in both parties behind a $908 billion framework that includes a $300-per-week pandemic jobless benefit and $160 billion for states and local governments. It is more generous than a GOP plan thatís been filibustered twice already but far smaller than a wish list assembled by House Democrats.

McConnell initially proposed a sweeping five-year liability shield, retroactive to December 2019, to protect companies and organizations from COVID-19-related lawsuits. Democrats, along with their allies in labor and civil rights groups, roundly dismissed that approach as a danger to workers. And there hasnít been a wave of lawsuits.


Great gift ideas - Tools. Oh and a messed up order delivery

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