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Anyone have any experience with "THRIVEWORKS"? A mental health scheduling website

There appears to be a management and scheduling operation for counselors. $100 to start and $30 a month. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this operation.

Yelp reviews are not very good

Just got the work email - going back to Phase II.

That means no one in the office except admin. Since that’s me it looks like me or my coworker will still be going in to check the mail and deliveries. Other than security and maintenance we’ll probably be the only ones there. My coworker for some reason doesn’t like teleworking so I’ll probably have two days a week.

Speaking of deliveries - a friend tells me the local Amazon processing center will handle 280,000 packages TODAY.

'The Good Lord's in control': Hundreds attend N.C. town's Christmas parade despite COVID warning


YOUNGSVILLE, N.C. — The town's defiant Christmas parade began with whooping police sirens, and state Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes waving to the crowd from the back of a red convertible, wearing gloves but no mask.

A truck bearing a Trump flag blew its horn. Unmasked carolers strolled past, singing "Angels We Have Heard on High," and strumming a guitar. And for 22 minutes, roughly 500 people cheered.

"I'm taking the risk," said Lindsey Newton, a pre-K teacher who lives along the parade route, and who also wore a mask. "It's tradition. If I could go to every person and say 'Put your mask on,' I'd probably get hit in the face. All I can say is the Good Lord's in control."

Mayor Fonzie Flowers waved to the crowd from the float carrying Santa Claus, and "Thank you!" came a cheer from the Burnt Barrel parking lot.

York County parents protest online classes by refusing to turn in aid forms


YORKTOWN, Va. (AP) — A small group of parents is saying they won’t return federal aid forms to school districts in Virginia, jeopardizing the funds the schools will receive next school year as a protest against virtual classes.

It’s not clear why the families think refusing to return the federal impact aid forms will change the school’s decision to have online classes, which are a result of rising coronavirus cases. But Joanna Moran, a former Virginia Beach School Board candidate, called on families last month to not return the cards until schools resume in-person learning.

The division had anticipated receiving more than $8 million for the next school year from the aid program, which distributes funds from the U.S. Department of Education to localities that have federal property.

Lands that are owned by the federal government are exempt for local property taxes, which affects the budgets of school districts. The federal aid makes up for lost revenue. Virginia Beach and York County school districts are the biggest receipts of the funds in the state, according to the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools.

Fact check please DU. I see no yoga pants - can this be real?

Frank Caliendo a few years ago ...just a few years ago

'At least' four strains of COVID-19 found in Baltimore Ravens' facility


OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The Baltimore Ravens on Saturday said they were informed by the NFL that "at least four unique strains" of COVID-19 were found inside their facility during the team's outbreak.

"Three of the four were stopped and not spread within our organization," Ravens president Dick Cass said in a statement. "Unfortunately, the fourth was a highly-contagious strain and spread throughout our organization."

The outbreak in Baltimore was one of the biggest in professional sports.

At least one Ravens player tested positive for 10 straight days. Baltimore placed 23 players on the reserve/COVID-19 list during that span.

It's official 1,040 to 232.

I saw this mentioned by someone here at DU last week (I think) so I went and checked the math.

If you add in the number lawsuits LOST by Trump and/or his allies by state by electoral college vote, Biden has now WON 1,040 votes to 232.

All 45 lawsuits by state are here

Arizona (11 votes) 6 lawsuits - 66
Georgia (16) 5 lawsuits- 80
Michigan (16) 6 lawsuits - 96
Minnesota (10) 1 lawsuit - 10
Nevada (6) 7 lawsuits - 42
Pennsylvania (20) 14 lawsuits - 280
Wisconsin (10) 6 lawsuits - 60
Total 634

China will have 600 million doses by year's end, health official says

Scroll down a few stories


A top Chinese vaccine development official said Friday that China is in the “final stages” of rolling out vaccines and will have 600 million doses ready by the end of 2020.

Wang Junzhi, deputy chief of China’s vaccine task force, did not specify how many of the projected doses produced by two manufacturers, Sinopharm and Sinovac, will be sold abroad or given to Chinese.

China, where covid-19 first burst into the world’s consciousness, is in the unusual position of having essentially eliminated the virus inside the country. While that means that the urgency for a vaccine is not as severe domestically, the Chinese government has poured resources into winning the vaccine race and supplying developing countries in a bid to repair its international image.

Within China, authorities say they have already administered “hundreds of thousands of doses” to high-risk people, including medical professionals, pharmaceutical researchers and workers who labor in frozen food logistics.

NBA won't conduct random marijuana tests in 2020-21

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have agreed not to conduct randomized tests for marijuana during the 2020-21 season.

"Due to the unusual circumstances in conjunction with the pandemic, we have agreed with the NBPA to suspend random testing for marijuana for the 2020-21 season and focus our random testing program on performance-enhancing products and drugs of abuse," NBA spokesperson Mike Bass said in a statement.

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