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Hey! Hold on 3 damn seconds! I thought Jared was going to fix all this

Man! We were this close to fixing the Middle East. THIS CLOSE!

Itís days like this that help me understand why Brian Wilson put a sandbox in his bedroom.

This 3 second clip pretty much sums it up for me (itís safe for work)


New Year....New MEMES 🤪😆😃

Okay the Karen one is a repeat. I just saw it again and it cracks me up.

The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump

I never understood wind.
You know, I know
windmills very much.
I have studied it
better than anybody
else. Itís very expensive.
They are made in China
and Germany mostly.
óVery few made here, almost none,
but they are manufactured, tremendous
óif you are into thisó
tremendous fumes. Gases are
spewing into the atmosphere. You know
we have a world

So the world
is tiny
compared to the universe.
So tremendous, tremendous
amount of fumes and everything.
You talk about
the carbon footprint
ó fumes are spewing into the air.
Right? Spewing.
Whether itís in China,
Germany, itís going into the air.
Itís our air
their air
everything ó right?

A windmill will kill many bald eagles.
After a certain number
they make you turn the windmill off.
That is true.
óBy the way
they make you turn it off.
And yet, if you killed one
they put you in jail.
That is OK.

You want to see a bird graveyard?
You just go.
Take a look.
A bird graveyard.
Go under a windmill someday,
youíll see
more birds
than youíve ever seen
in your life.

~ D. Trump

New Laws taking effect today - 2020


From plastic bags to natural hair, here are the new laws coming in 2020

Minimum wages are going up
You'll get more control over your data
More people can sue over sexual abuse
States tighten and loosen gun laws
Weed is legal in Illinois
No more cash bail - New York
The new law could free thousands of incarcerated people from pretrial detention
Plastic bags are out
No more texting while driving
Cyclists can breeze through stop signs
African-Americans can embrace their natural hair
Your middle schooler might need a car seat
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