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New Years Healthy Habits - Daily Countdown 😆😳 9... 8... 7...

So I guess the Gator Bowl started at 11AM.

Wake Forest 7
Rutgers 7

Rutgers (5-7) is a fill in for Texas A&M who couldn’t field a team due to COVID.


I'm "Cher and Captain Kangaroo" old


Mmmm Cheez-Its

Swipe to rotate

Belated Merry Christmas from *this guy* YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT 😳🤪😂

27 seconds

$2.49 for gas

Filled up the other day. Kroger member discount 60˘ off.
We bought a lot of gift cards for Christmas so that must be it.

I need to start doing what I’ve known other people doing - buy themselves gift cards at Kroger (2-4x in points) for Lowe’s or Amazon etc.

Filled up my 10 gallon tank for less than $25. 👍😀

Barstool* loses college football game due to COVID. *scumbags

This is sports related but it’s important otherwise in terms of the ongoing COVID problem.
Barstool is basically the ProudBoys of the sports world.
Texas A&M couldn’t field a team for their bowl and UVa (Virginia) couldn’t travel both due to COVID levels on or around their teams. UVa was supposed to play Southern Methodist in the first Fenway Park Bowl - football on a baseball field.

Central Michigan moves to face Washington State in Sun Bowl; Arizona Bowl canceled as COVID-19 disrupts football bowl season


Central Michigan will now play Washington State in the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl on Friday, a move that allows both teams to play in a bowl game.

Both teams lost opponents to COVID-19 issues. Miami withdrew from the Sun Bowl on Sunday, sending the bowl scrambling for an opponent for the Cougars. That spot was filled by the Chippewas after their scheduled opponent, Boise State, withdrew from the Barstool Arizona Bowl on Monday.

The bowl games and respective conferences worked out an arrangement for the Sun Bowl to move forward with a game, while the Arizona Bowl became the fourth bowl game to be canceled for COVID-19 reasons.

Washington State arrived in El Paso, Texas, for the Sun Bowl on Sunday, only hours before Miami announced it would not be able to play. Central Michigan was already in Tucson, Arizona, preparing for the Arizona Bowl. In a statement, the Sun Bowl said, "Being a four-hour drive from El Paso, the Chippewas are set up logistically to make the trip and compete on Friday."

Black Power!......Happy Holidays...don't forget Kwanzaa

*sigh* so long until next year

Sources: Buffalo Bills WR Cole Beasley fined $100,000 for multiple COVID-19 protocol violations


Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasley has been fined multiple times for COVID-19 protocol violations, reaching a cumulative sum in the range of $100,000, according to league and union sources.

Beasley was fined $14,600 in August on a day when league officials were in the facility to review the protocols with the Bills, which the NFL did with all 32 teams before the 2021 season. Beasley was observed by one of the league officials when not complying with mandatory protocols for unvaccinated players.

The $14,600 fine has been doubled on more than one occasion via video monitoring by the league, per sources. One source estimated the fines have reached the sum of $100,000. Another source believed it was just short of that amount.

Beasley's COVID-19 absence for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots won't cost him money, though. Under the NFL and NFLPA agreement, even unvaccinated players are entitled to their full pay if they miss a game due to COVID-19. Beasley makes $4.7 million in base salary and will receive his $261,111 game check. There are several team execs who believe it's one loophole that needs to be revisited for 2022, believing an unvaccinated player who lands of the reserve/COVID-19 list should not be paid if he misses a game or games. This is the first time Beasley has landed on the list.
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