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Seriously, the food here is really expensive. The soup is_______ $8

Utah's finest! No Lauren Boebert you rep Colorado. 🤓🤪 whoopsie

Lauren Boebert’s Campaign Mistakenly Says, In FEC Filing, That She Represents Utah


The campaign of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) submitted a report with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday night that lists her as a candidate for Congress in Utah.

“Thanks for reaching out,” said Boebert’s spokesperson, Jake Settle, when Forbes inquired about the revision. “I flagged this for our team!”

Boebert’s home state was listed as Colorado in her campaign’s original report for the third quarter of 2021, which was filed on Oct. 15. The campaign amended that filing last night and, among other revisions, changed Boebert’s state and district on the first page from Colorado 03 to Utah 03. Update: October 29, 3:45 p.m. ET: Early Friday afternoon Boebert’s campaign amended its report a second time, and the state is now listed as Colorado.

“I’ve never seen a candidate misidentify the state they are seeking to represent on an FEC report,” said Brett Kappel, an attorney specializing in campaign finance at Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg.

Small school asswhoopings 🎃 and odd scores

Salisbury U 84 CNU 14
The Captains spent the day "seeing you" score

Worcester Polytechnic 28 Norwich 2
Colby 10 Bates 2
Amherst 16 Wesleyan 14 - 4 OTs
Colorado State Pueblo 73 Fort Lewis 0 - 40 in Q2
Central 76 Luther 13
Chicago 78 Grinnell 3 - 40 in Q2
Central Washington 92 Lincoln 0

Stetson Hatters 56 Presbyterian Blue Hose 14

Tonight's baseball game in Atlanta may be last time pitchers are at bat.

Game changer. *Possible* end of era tonight. The new MLB CBA is very very likely to have universal designated hitter. Tonight *might be* the last baseball game with pitchers at bat.

A Message to the NYPD from the NYPD and Fox News - The Daily Show


Supreme Court rejects challenge to Maine's religious exemption to COVID vaccine. 😆 hilarious tweet 😂


Todd Starnes was fired from Fox News and yet he persists. His twitter feed has some really funny responses all the time.

Only 50% wash clothes in cold water? COVID & Laundry - Malcolm Gladwell

What Can Our Laundry Choices Teach Us About Vaccine Hesitancy?



A couple of thoughts. First: What do you suppose COVID vaccination rates (currently less than 70 percent in the U.S.) and cold-water laundry use (currently less than 50 percent of laundry loads) will be 10 years from now? I think by 2031, we’ll be close to 100 percent in both cases.

What that P&G marketer was telling me years ago was that they were going to have to fight that indifference if they wanted to convert the world to coldwater laundry. And I would argue that fighting indifference is harder than fighting principled opposition. In the latter case, both of us—me and my principled opponent—care about the thing we disagree on. I can engage their interest with a counter-argument, because they’re already invested in the topic. In the former case, how do I even get their attention? They’ve tuned out. I wonder, in the case of COVID, whether public health types underestimate the number of Americans who just don’t worry that much about COVID. We are at this point 18 months into the pandemic, and the total number of known COVID cases in the United States is just over 37 million. That’s a lot. But that’s out of a total population of 330 million. For an overwhelming number of Americans, COVID is something that happened to someone else.

So what is our “lay” understanding of laundry? It is soap plus hot water equals clean. Over and done. To accept the scientific truth about coldwater laundry, you have to make a giant step in the “expert” direction: you have to revise your intuitive understanding with a set of facts that may or may not, at first, make intuitive sense at all.

And what about bacteria and viruses? Our intuitive notion of laundry is that hot water is necessary not just to remove stains, but also to kill harmful microorganisms. Is that true? Generally, it isn’t. What the experts will tell you is that the hottest water in an American washing machine isn’t hot enough to kill most of the viruses and bacteria that travel on surfaces and fabrics. (You need industrial-grade laundry machines for that—or about 30 minutes in a hot dryer.) And for respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2, which travels much less effectively on surfaces, cold water and detergent does the job. On the question of germ safety, hot water is no better than cold. (It is, as they say, a wash.)

A Flowchart for Choosing Your Religion 😆😄

5 Tips for a Woman

👻 jail 😯😆👀😳

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