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BREAKING House scraps plans for Thursday session after security officials warn of possible plot

BREAKING: The decision to move up votes on legislation to Wednesday night came after officials warned of credible threats of violence surrounding a conspiracy theory circulated by right-wing extremists who have fabricated the false claim that March 4 is the “true Inauguration Day” where former president Donald Trump will be sworn in for a second term. The Senate plans to be in session Thursday.


Radio ad - are these GONG sounds racist?

This is an opposition ad against one of the Republican candidates running for the GOP nomination for Governor - Glenn Youngkin.

Three times after “China” is mentioned there’s a gong sound.
I’m not sure what the should after Hillary is - there’s a cash register but I’m not sure about the first sound.


Washington Football Team replaces cheerleaders with coed dance squad


ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Football Team has discontinued its cheerleader program after more than 50 years, replacing it with a coed dance squad as part of its rebranding effort.

“ As we set out to modernize the Washington Football gameday, it's important that we develop a top-notch entertainment program that keeps our fanbase excited and connected to the game and the team," Wright said.

Washington started using cheerleaders in 1962 and they eventually became known as the First Ladies of Football. They represented the franchise at events locally and around the world, especially military bases. Pope said she's not yet sure whether the dance squad would travel.

Pope said there are no plans for the dance team to do any calendars.

Tax planning question 🙋‍♂️

Are we supposed to pay our annual Antifa membership fees in March or in April?

Thanks for a friend.

So the J&J vaccine is a part of Warp Speed, correct?

I know that Pfizer and Moderna weren’t. I’ve been looking for an answer in this and I see comments by Warp Speed officials. I see a mention in the article below that:

The U.S. needs J.&J.’s one-shot vaccine more than ever. But the company is behind on manufacturing promises made in its Operation Warp Speed contract.

That Johnson & Johnson’s timetable has slipped is not unusual given the frantic pace of vaccine development amid the worst pandemic in a century. But the delay also highlights the unrealistic promises of Operation Warp Speed.

NYT article here

Alabama plans full attendance (100K) for football in 6 months. Regular school in the fall.

Alabama Crimson Tide plans for full-capacity college football games at Bryant-Denny Stadium in fall


Alabama is moving ahead with plans to host full-capacity college football games at Bryant-Denny Stadium this coming season, athletic director Greg Byrne announced Monday.

Byrne tweeted a short statement after news earlier in the day that the school would be returning to in-person instruction without restrictions on classroom capacity in the fall. Byrne said they will continue to monitor medical guidelines "as we have all along."

According to data from the New York Times, Alabama has among the lowest vaccinations rates in the country with 13% of people receiving one shot.

Bryant-Denny Stadium, which boasts a capacity of 100,077, is scheduled to host seven football games next season starting with the home opener on Sept. 11 against Mercer.

¿Doggie door question? - wet and muddy feet

We’ve had a lot of precipitation here recently. As we let the boy in we wipe down his paws. Generally just wet but they can be muddy. He’s not a digger but he does really haul ass chasing squirrels.

We are having a doggie door put in. In the wall actually. Is there a good way of him cleaning his feet as he comes in? Laying out towels and us being diligent about wiping him down seems obvious.

Thoughts ?

Hilarious Twitter thread about the vaccine and tracking chips



Dos seconds of FUN with Ted Cruz. (the Daily Show tweet)


Can't swear in on the Korean

MTG was going to find “those women” to make them swear in on a Bible.

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