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Gaetz finds support


Top Trump adviser warned then-president on virus supply shortage, then pursued controversial deals

Source: Washington Post

A top adviser privately urged former president Trump to acquire critical medical supplies in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak — and after the warning was ignored, pursued his own ad hoc strategy that committed more than $1 billion in federal funds and has since prompted multiple probes, according to newly released documents from congressional investigators.

Peter Navarro, who served as Trump’s trade adviser, warned the president on March 1, 2020, to “MOVE IN ‘TRUMP TIME’” to invest in ingredients for drugs, handheld coronavirus tests and other supplies to fight the virus, according to a memo obtained by the House’s select subcommittee on the coronavirus outbreak. Navarro also said that he’d been trying to acquire more protective gear like masks, critiquing the administration’s pace.

“There is NO downside risk to taking swift actions as an insurance policy against what may be a very serious public health emergency. If the covid-19 crisis quickly recedes, the only thing we will have been guilty of is prudence,” Navarro wrote to the president. At the time, there were about 100 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and just two deaths linked to the outbreak.

But after Trump ignored Navarro’s recommendations, the trade adviser embarked on his own strategy to acquire supplies with little oversight, Democrats said. Navarro subsequently steered a $765 million loan to Eastman Kodak to produce ingredients for generic drugs, a $354 million contract for pharmaceutical ingredients to a start-up called Phlow and a $96 million sole-source contract for powered respirators and filters from AirBoss Defense Group.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/03/31/navarro-pandemic-supply-contracts-trump/


Co-worker told me they aren't getting the vaccine

We have a vaccine event this week. As idle chatter I asked a co-worker if they’d already got one. No. Are you getting one here? No.

I didn’t ask why. He’s a person of faith as he puts it.

"The Blinding of Isaac Woodward" tonight on PBS

American Experience
The Blinding of Isaac Woodard #3303

Description: Discover the 1946 incident of racial violence by police that led to the racial awakening of President Harry Truman and set the stage for the landmark 1954 Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education decision, jump-starting the civil rights movement.


Isaac Woodard Jr. was a decorated African-American World War II veteran. On February 12, 1946, hours after being honorably discharged from the United States Army, he was attacked while still in uniform by South Carolina police as he was taking a bus home. The attack left Woodard completely and permanently blind.


Shaka Smart looks to be going to Marquette- bailing on Texas


Texas' Shaka Smart is in talks with Marquette to become the Golden Eagles' next head basketball coach, sources told ESPN.

A deal is expected to be done imminently.

Wow is the weather nice today?!?!?

BREAKING! Report on incident at home. 🦟😆🤪

Recap: Hornet gets in daughter’s room. What Mom thinks is daughter cleaning room is her fighting off hornet. Hornet escapes down the hall to “library”. Mom jumps in. Snow globe pays ultimate sacrifice. 🕯. Broken glass. Angry Hornet trapped in cup with cardboard and tape. Hornet put in freezer downstairs in kitchen.

Remedial fly swatter and "let it go outside" training once I get home. 😆

*apology. Why the hell is Trump literally "phoning it in" to Fox?

I apologize for anything related to Trump.

Everyone has some sort of Zoom call camera set up. Many pundits have multiple backgrounds. We regular people have at least some sort of nice neatly arranged area to represent ourselves on calls.

He can’t get it together for a call in to Fox? I heard that Mar a lago is on a COVID shutdown but no one can clean up the fast food wrappers?

Uh oh, grammar* fight on Twitter.

Now they done gone and did it.

*or is it punctuation?


NOT - this is a negative thread about what things are not

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