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🤪😆🧐MEMES 💥 warning ⚠️ some language ⚠️ I. Love. You.

Just sticking this in here

I ❤️This.

So Iím going into surgery under gas on Groundhog Day because of course. Stuff can happen. I ❤️ you DU.

Hi everyone

4:30 of FUNNY. Peyton Manning on SNL LAST NIGHT.

Wordle. I flat out guessed. 👀

Wordle 225 3/6


Tom Brady retirement decision seen as imminent: Those close to QB remain convinced he'll call it qui

Tom Brady retirement decision seen as imminent: Those close to QB remain convinced he'll call it quits


Numerous sources close to Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady remain convinced that the all-time great is preparing to retire from the game, with a formal announcement expected shortly.

Several sources who are within Brady's inner circle anticipate that he will most likely reveal his future plans in the coming days. Brady is a historian of the game, he understands what it takes for players and teams to reach this point in the season, and would not want to upstage the game itself in any way. Making an announcement the week leading up to the Super Bowl would not be his style, and waiting until after the Super Bowl, with the scouting combine then just weeks away, might begin to cut into the Buccaneers' ability to pivot as an organization and readjust their plans for 2022 if it was now to not include arguably the greatest football player who ever lived.

"He is very respectful of the game, and has great respect for the Tampa organization and all they have done for him," said one source close to the quarterback. "He understands the ramifications that this decision would have on the team moving forward, and he would never want to do anything to upstage the playoffs. Whatever he decides, I'd expect he announces it soon."

A desk for working parents at a Henrico Public Library (Virginia)

A desk for working parents at a Henrico Public Library goes viral, called a 'game-changer' by Newsweek



When Richmonder Ali Faruk snapped a picture of a desk for working parents at Henricoís Fairfield Area Library and posted it to Twitter, he didnít think much of it.

"A new public library in my area has these work stations for caregivers with babies!" he tweeted. "Maybe these are common in other places but [I've] never seen anything like this before."

The computer work-and-play stations at Fairfield Area Library debuted in 2019 when the brand new $29 million library opened to the public at 1401 N. Laburnum Ave. in Henrico.

There are four parent-child carrels joined together in a cluster on the second floor of the library in the childrenís area. The desks were designed by the Henrico County Public Library and Quinn Evans, an architecture firm with a location based in Richmond, which designed the library. The idea for the parent-child carrels arose during the planning phase for the new 44,800-square-foot library building.

Washington Post link. God the Times-Dispatch sucks


😆😆😆Check out this Bernie snowman ⛄️

Got my COVID tests. 10 days. ✅

Pretty impressive.

I thought it would just be 4 shrink wrapped boxes. Nope. They padded it and weatherproofed. They have to be able to deliver everywhere everyday. 👀

My notice said Monday so they upped that.

Apple Music trolls Spotify by calling itself 'the home of Neil Young'


Just a day after Spotify agreed to remove Neil Young's music from its service, Apple Music trolled its streaming rival by giving the musician some rock star treatment.

In a tweet sent late Thursday, and later pinned to the top of the official Apple Music Twitter account, Apple called its platform "the home of Neil Young." Some Apple Music users also reported seeing Young's albums and playlists promoted front and center in the Apple Music "browse" section with the banner "We Love Neil."

The messaging is a clear dig at Spotify (SPOT) and possibly an attempt by Apple (AAPL) to use Spotify's PR headache to gain some ground. In the third quarter of 2021, Spotify reported having 172 million paying subscribers. Apple has not disclosed comparable subscriber numbers in two years, but one recent report suggested Apple Music remains well behind Spotify in the market.

CRYING Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon 😆

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