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But it's always a reliable tip-off - about what he himself is guilty of.

YOU built this, Elise. YOU helped get us where we are today.

YOU and everybody else like you, on AND off TV. You’ll wring your hands and disavow the utter demolition derby of the trump era, and claim you’ve left the party because (fill in the excuse here). But after trump is gone - you and all your other alleged “seen the light” pals will happily go back to the CONservative shit pile and start building more shit castles for the future. Once you think the coast is clear again.

You’re fooling some of the people. But not all of us.

That's actually a good thing.

More like he's BLOWN the budget.

Yet another in a continuing series of utterly monstrous blunders, insults, crimes, and sins that will take years from which to recover. Decades is probably more like it.

She got the eyes right, too!

This one is a thing of true magnificence.

Well worth saving.

VERY well worth saving.

This isn’t just a mere editorial. It’s a teaching tool. A reminder. An intellectual weapon. And the simple, bare, raw, and painful truth.

Yeah, no kidding.

Neither can I, unless he winds up as the nominee.

Hopefully not. And I hope if not, that he doesn’t shit on the actual nominee next year like he did to Hillary. Sore Loserman pouted for weeks from the time she decisively clinched the nomination in early June until after the convention ended. He could have been out there from June onward, being a team player, and helping the cause like the good sport we needed him to be. But no.

I, for one, will NEVER forget OR forgive that. I hope he doesn’t pull that aggrieved spoiled-brat act this time.

That said, I will vote for him if it comes down to either him or trump. But I will probably have to hold my nose while doing so.

What cockeyed world is ol' Kevin spinning around on?

What a ding-dong.

Oh yeah, I’ll bet the House Dems are gonna go right along with that dumb-ass move.

Go censure yourself, McCarthy.

Sounds about right to me.

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