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He's been awfully quiet lately.

My husband thinks he swaggered his way into the job with all these preconceptions - and then got a good hard look at what a mess trump has made of everything, especially in terms of breaking the law. Maybe to the point of real high crimes and misdemeanors. And it's made him swagger no more.

OMG! I LOVE this!

Welcome to DU, study war no more.

This is a really valuable thread. I appreciate all the input here - I know it will help and comfort. Both my parents and my dear mother-in-law went down long, slow, and hard. Deteriorating by the day. With my mom and dad, it was physical. For my mother-in-law, it was both physical AND mental. Slow and agonizing. Especially the part about knowing it's NOT going to get better. That THEY are not going to get better.

It's good that at least we're talking about it, though. Empathy helps a lot.

Snakes on a Plane alright.


NEVER forget. He opened his yap right before the election for no really legitimate reason except a feigned concern that the republi-CONS would be mad at him. And it turned out to be the usual for any investigation of Hillary Clinton. A big fat NOTHINGBURGER. But it was just enough to allow the bad guys to steal the whole works via a few crumbs that tipped the Electoral College.


About time.

Long PAST time.

I hope we still have some time.

Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Only question I'd have would be - whose goon squads would "Wellstone" some of these assholes? trump? Or Putin? Or Saudi prince MBS?

This could get kinda ugly.

Welcome to DU, Late Knight.

Neither am I. Okay, maybe he coughed up a ton of hairballs leading straight to trump.

But if I were the sentencing judge, I'd still send him to jail for at least a few months. Okay, maybe half the zero-to-six-months that could be. He betrayed his country, gave aid and comfort and who knows what else to the ENEMY (a long-running, very solidly confirmed HOSTILE FOREIGN POWER, no less), and humiliated himself at the last GOP convention with the whole "lock her up" cheerleading and spreading lies about Hillary Clinton that very likely were facts applied to himself. He fed the goons shamelessly that night. That photo of him at Putin's banquet table (with the other traitor, Jill Stein seated across same table from him) still burns in my memory.

He should pay a price for that. At least in my opinion. He should NOT get off with no penalties. We should NOT - let's see, how did trump put it in that hush-hush meeting with Jim Comey - "just let this go."

Yeah, no kidding!

WHAT "leniency"?

Hasn't he proven by now that he doesn't deserve it? Certainly has, to me. But then again, there are those darling deplorables...
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