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No jail? Damn. I guess for him it's punishment having to keep his damn yap shut...

But I was rooting for the ďLock him up!Ē treatment.


MAN have we ever needed a Democratic majority!!!

FINALLY some accountability!!!

Seems like a reasonable conclusion.

You and me both. I will support the nominee.

Even if the nominee is not my first choice. Whatís the alternative - voting for The Asset? Or staying home? Or writing in Jill Fucking Stein? Or Howard ďThe SpoilerĒ Schultz?

Nope. NO WAY.

I will vote for the Democratic nominee.

There. I put it in writing.

I do too.

And Iím wondering if all those boxes observed being carried out - were going to the state prosecutors, where pardons canít reach and donít apply.


GOOD one!

Love you, she! And I still love Barack and Michelle Obama.

Totally. I still can't quite believe there was ever any doubt.

Thanks, Admins!

I will keep this page open. Iím good at a few things but technical stuff sometimes throws me.

Thanks for this, and for the ton of work, thought, attention, and care that clearly went into this.

And brilliant as usual!

Another Nance fan here!
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