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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 57,787

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Yeah. No kidding!


Or Zippy the Pinhead.


Fantastic collection!

+ another 1, 2, and throw in a coupla million more!

She's definitely part of our party's deepening bench strength.

Glad we have her on our team!

I thought that one was HILARIOUS!

It reminded me of a protest sign made for a scene in one of the episodes of the short-run British comedy series “Father Ted”:

“Down With This Sort Of Thing”

I love a little touch of the absurd!


I freakin' love this guy! I STILL consider him my Rep.

Yeah. And note the date - how long ago this broke and how it never got picked up.

Dec 15 2017.

More than a year. And only now am I seeing it starting to surface.
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