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Good! We need it. We need HER.

I know it’s early. But so far, for me anyway, she’s in first place.

Rachel Maddow connects the dots better than anybody else in the business.

I always learn something when I watch her. I always feel as though I’m attending a master class in political science.

So THAT'S who he is! His signs speak for me!

Btw did you notice the guy with the sign that read “This Is A Sign!”?

What a circus... when I was still working, we called scrums like that “pig-fucks” and “gang-bangs.”

Maybe the more they give to her, the less they'll have to donate to trump?

We should strategize for that possibility ANYWAY.

I find myself wondering why we couldn't do some of that in Russian elections?

Just asking.

And Oleg Deripaska's pal OWNS Lindsey too.


Good stuff. We need to shut down this vainglorious would-be "candidate" IMMEDIATELY.

I LOVE this stuff!

Now THERE'S where Howard Schultz could put his money.

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