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Welcome to DU, moonbeam23!

Glad you're here! I'm for a very hard smackdown response. Get in their faces about it and dumb it down if we have to.

You bet your sweet bippy, William769.

We have SO MANY resources here for the good. For the good of all America, our party, our candidates, our ideas, and let's not forget - for us OURSELVES. DU will buoy you up. Hey, if NOTHING else, I will always cherish DU for how the camaraderie and fellowship and support and sharing of knowledge that I gained throughout those dismal bush/cheney years.

If that's all DU ever did to help me and keep me sane, that's enough. Granted DU has done a lot more for me that's good and supportive and encouraging and consoling and even heartwarming. But mainly, DU kept me company and made me feel as though I WASN'T alone. That the onslaught of pro bush/cheney media (never mind Pox Noise from which we expect the shit to spew and the willful neglect and refusal to watchdog that we can bank on getting from them and their agenda-driven propaganda pushing, but even supposedly those we thought we could count on) did NOT reflect the whole truth. It was DU that kept me sane, and kept me company, and walked side-by-side with me through all that madness, reassuring me that I wasn't crazy and I certainly wasn't alone.

And I will NEVER forget that. And if I can ever even try to begin to pay that forward by being there to keep YOU company and give you and our unnamed sister or brother moral support and encouragement, then that's what I'm gonna do.

I think that's actually a pretty good idea! See a gun, call 911!

See a gun, call 911!

OMG! I just came up with a bumpersticker slogan! And it rhymes!!!! With the correct cadence and everything!!!

And a very good point you make, too, malthaussen!

Let's all remember this about our dear little renee -

A short while back, when some Senators and Congresspeople were stepping up to reject their paychecks, or take a pay cut, because the people were being asked to do without - our dear little renee, here, refused. Married to a surgeon so you have to know they weren't exactly on Poverty Row. If ANYBODY could afford to absorb a pay cut to show a sign of solidarity with the voters - it'd be this little girl who was married to a surgeon. And she refused. What, you'd have to give up buying another Louis Vuitton, girlfriend?

Let's remember that.

Full disclosure that we ALSO need to remember: we had our own miscreant on that score. None other than our own DEBBIE said the same thing. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was also too good to give up part of her paycheck when the people had to take it in the shorts. Miss Debbie Beltway-Only.

Hey William769!

Absolutely. Thank you for being so compassionate and loving. Those of us who believe that we are our brother's keeper - well, you do us proud.

I hope your friend (and ours, too, since you indicated he or she is also a DUer) finds comfort, peace, strength, and moral support. AND whatever external help might be needed.

Remember what Skittles said: "someone's always here." And what calimary said - "lots of pairs of big broad strong shoulders here to buoy you up."

Yeah, video would help further the story.

Welcome to DU, 3auld6phart!

Glad you're here! Must say I'm intrigued by your screen name...

Nope. Not sick of your warnings - at all. Because - REPETITION.

We have to start doing more of it ourselves. A LOT MORE OF IT. Something I learned in radio, and I see it cloned all over the place especially throughout the evil broadcasting empire - the Excrement In Broadcasting network and Pox Noise and wherever the noxious gas giants hold forth and blight the earth and the public's airwaves. Repeat, repeat, repeat. DRIVE HOME THE MESSAGE as if by pile-driver. As if by broken record. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. That's how we start to break through the brainwashing. There's a big fat void in the brains of the idiots and the gullibles out there who believe it's just fine for somebody else to do their thinking for them. Especially if they believe God is somehow involved in that godless belief system. Actually, it's more like a FALSE-god belief system.

WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT REPEATING OUR MESSAGE????? And repeating the advocacy and the facts and the instructive illumination of TRUTH into their darkness? I think the problem is that we haven't been repeating it ENOUGH!!!!

We still have too many people on our side who think you just say it once and that's all you need. You put it on the record (sort of our version of a sick, distorted, chuck-todd-think) and that'll be that. I have become nauseous listening and watching as our people consistently fall back on "the American People will SEE! They'll KNOW! They'll SEE how it's going and they'll SEE how they're being screwed, and ..." The sad truth is - they WON'T. They just WON'T. They CAN'T! Not with all that oppositional toxic sludge being pumped into their lizard brains through their eyes and ears. They can't possibly "SEE" or "KNOW" when they're being force-fed everything but the truth and the facts. A solid, constant diet of toxic spin will lead to anemic, dumbed-down, more-gullible, more-naive, more ill-informed, more ignorant (and then the bad guys keep putting such a shine on it - wrapping it all up in nice shiny American flag wrapping paper with the Cross and the Bible as package decorations - that one actually becomes PROUD of that ignorance and embraces it as though one's very life depends on it).

Joe Madison has been a big offender in that. I've actually heard that "... but the American People will SEE!" crap coming out of his mouth on multiple occasions. Yep, that's what we need, Joe. More dancing down the garden path. They're fuckin' STUPID, Joe, and they HAVE TO BE REEDUCATED, REHABILITATED, RESCUED AND RECLAIMED. We need an INTERVENTION, Joe, not just more pablum that gives more credit to the know-nothings than they'll EVER deserve - because they've ceded their brains and their reasoning power and their objective thinking and judgment TO THE DARK SIDE.

Don't EVER EVER EVER make the mistake of assuming that "the American People will SEE!" They WON'T. Assuming that "the American People will KNOW!" With all that pounding and pushing from the Dark Side, pushing against us AND those same "American People" - NO WAY will those American People either see OR know. UNLESS WE PUSH BACK, AND KEEP DOING IT ALL THE TIME, 24/7/365. And it unfortunately IS up to US. Do you want to leave it to the DNC and just count on them to take care of it? Yeah, leave it to Miss Beltway-Only Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and all her little Beltway-Only friends. I think their problem is that they assume the same stupid mistaken shit that Joe Madison does. And they couldn't be more naive OR wrong.

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