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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 54,871

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Man... we need all the oppositional research we can get!

I really want to start connecting the dots with these fringe and extremist groups as generally repulsive as the Nazis - and whatever can connect all the way to the GOP and its leading "lights." I'd love to see it just get so ugly around them that most of America starts to shy away. Make 'em stink so bad even the teabaggers don't want to be associated with 'em.

So do I. I'm still thunderstruck that he's been able to survive despite all the efforts,

and some of them well-organized, to remove him. They had a chance a few years back and blew it.

WHY does this individual get ANY votes at all? What goes on, Wisconsin? WTF do you see in this guy???

No kidding. Now we have the chuck todd mentality.

We've fallen so far that we're all the way down in the depths of Hell now.

No kidding!

We adopted an adult dog - Goldie. NO idea how old she was, and the animal shelter people didn't, either. They could only guess - they figured she was still fairly young because her teeth were good. She's been good all over, for about seven years now.


Pox Noise???

Oh great. Cue the distortions of fact and the propagandizing...


Seventy-seven years...

I really feel for this lady.

May NO ONE criticize her or throw stones at her until and unless they've walked in her shoes.

Yeah, no kidding. And YOU will never be the beneficiary of it, either, if it's your policy.

So am I, sheshe2. So am I.

I just shudder to think what it'd be like under a second term of mccain/palin, or the first term of romney/ryan.

Dear God! I don't even wanna think about it!



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