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DANG! I've gotta start keeping track...

Let's see:

Lady Blah Blah
Snowshoe Snooki
Klondike Kardashian
Caribou Barbie (although these days, with what's been coming out of her yap, I'm tempted to call her Caribou Boobie)
Tundra Tart
And a few more I found here:


(half-) baked Alaskan
Bible Spice
Sarah Failin'
Failin' Palin
Mighty and Glorious Messianic Savior of the Holy Order of the Far Right
Moron I'd Like to Forget
The Moosiah
Pit bull in lipstick (according to herself)
Saint Sarah of Wasilla
Sarah Punchline
Vampy, as in "Grampy and Vampy," the 2008 GOP Presidential ticket
Sarah Stooped
The Quitter From Wasilla
Post Turtle

Then, from an old DU thread: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x8082991

Quit-a-boo Barbie
Armageddon Spice
Iquitarod (!!!!!!!!!!! - from DUer Aristus, I'm in awe!)
Blithering Idiot
Bailin' Palin
Wasilla Hillbilly (or Wasillabilly)
Mooseburger Barbie
Sarah Barraquitter
The Governor of Facebook
Flaked Alaska
The Alaskan Chillbilly
Spongebrain Squarespecks
Quitter Queen
Lady Gag Gag
Quitter on Twitter
Sarin Palin
That Dumbfuck from Alaska
The Palindrone
The Twitterin' Twit
Winkie McQuitter
The Half-Truth, Half-Term, Half-Wit


Blunder Woman
Snowjob Squareglasses

And from Daily Kos: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/09/25/610680/-It-s-the-Sarah-Palin-Nickname-Contest-with-poll#

The alaskan albatross
The Alaska Disasta
Baked Alaska
Moose MILF
MILFy McMoosburger
Ice President
and then there's the poster who objects to any play on the word "Barbie":
Barbie is attractive, plastic, rich, and independent. Palin would have to make several upwards transmogrifications to reach plasticness.

Well, I had some spare time tonight...

OMG - Lady Blah Blah!!! I am LOVING this!!!!

I spotted this after I saw Snowshoe Snooki! OMG!!!

I guess you've gotta hand it to her - she is MOST inspirational!!!

My contribution to this, awhile ago, was Tundra Tart. But these are FAR superior!!!

Maybe people should cast half-votes then?

Cuz she can probably be counted on to stick around for only half of whatever they'd have voted to give her.

Hee-hee-hee... there go the jowls!!!

I LOVE watching sarah age.

Yeah, no kidding!

When those commercials started running about bringing business to New York State and no taxes for TEN YEARS????? NO taxes for TEN YEARS????? What's going on here? sam brownback? Since when is business allowed to have NO obligations to the support of its community (from which it wants and expects to make money)? What about the infrastructure that business takes full advantage of and exploits as much as it can - and it's not being asked to support that with tax revenue? WTF????????? Where is the long-range wisdom in THAT???

That just doesn't make sense. You're invited into the NEW YORK market - which includes the biggest consumer base in the country outside of California - and they just give it all away to you for free????? Shit. There should be an entry fee, at least!!!

"He later remembered he has no jurisdiction in Maine" - which is why he still wants to be president.

New Jersey's no longer big enough for the big guy. This taste of power and influence on a state-wide basis has just whetted his appetite. And as we can all see, his appetites are rawther formidable. Like jeb and george p bush - he needs to be watched. CAREFULLY.

Yep, oh GOD we've GOT to have our GUNNNNNNS...

don't get me started...

I do, too.

I was really surprised by something I observed in my own community here. I live in a liberal district, thankfully. Henry Waxman's district (and nervous about the republi-CON doing a whole lotta advertising here and carpet-bombing us to try to steal our blue district away from us. A BIG FAT NO!!!!! to elan carr!!!!! ). Early-on, I got one of those round white "Dean for America" buttons with the rainbow on it. I pinned it onto my purse. I got comments about it EVERYWHERE I went. ALL of those comments were positive. People really were turned on by Howard Dean, they knew a lot about him and liked him - VERY early in the campaign (when you could still get those round white rainbow buttons - they ran out fairly quickly). I was really surprised, and fascinated, by the reaction. I'd never seen it like that before. More than even for Bill Clinton. Hands-down, they really liked and "got" Howard Dean. And the party machinery shoved him aside as soon as they found a good excuse - the stupid, phony-ass directional microphone affair. They were gunning for him. Why, I'll never understand. I think he would have won. I think it wouldn't have been close enough to steal.

Well, we jammed him down their throats in 2005. We INSISTED him into the job of DNC Chairman. The party apparatus tried to interest us in a lot of other cheap worthless poseurs. We wanted the real thing. And we refused to settle for their pathetic weasels. And then we got the "50-State Strategy" and then the 2006 and 2008 election results that were built upon it. And those results were STELLAR!!!!

So why do we then go back to the old moldy "Beltway-Knows-Best" ways, after we saw what worked? Why does our team insist on turning its collective back on what worked? Because they think they can do better? Well, how'd 2010 work out, on THEIR watch? Howard Dean would have been out there "50-State'ing" like there's no tomorrow, and I would venture to say the teabaggers wouldn't have gotten the all-clear, no-hurdles jump-start they had on DEBBIE'S watch. I think I'll start calling her DEBBIE Worthlessman-Schultz.

Howard Dean or BUST. I still remember, rather bitterly, taking the Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker out of the inside of my car's back window after the 2004 defeat, and replacing it with my Dean for America bumper sticker, and thinking to myself "I was right the first time." I left that Dean for America sticker on there for the following years until I replaced it with an Obama sticker.

The Jesuits kick ass!

Governor Brown here in CA was educated by the Jesuits. Smart as a whip. They're all about facts and objectivity and truth and open minds.

This pope is a Jesuit. Maybe there's hope. He's opening doors and windows and letting a lot of stale smelly air out and fresh air in - on so many topics - including denouncing trickle-down, advocating non-judgmentalism and acceptance of gays, the importance of environmental protection, the recognition of global warming, GREAT stuff. Now... if we can just get him to open his eyes a little more about women's rights...

As another post here said - "maybe that's too much to ask..." Unfortunately.

But on other scores, His Holiness is definitely on an enlightened track. It's good to see some sunshine come out, after years and years of long cold bleak winter.


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