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Yep. Noticed that, too.

Science class was big stuff in my Catholic school. INCLUDING evolution and the "Origin of Species" and the scientific method. NUNS taught that. And there wasn't one bit of religious propaganda or undercurrent in there. Not in biology class or advanced biology, not in physical science or physics classes, not in chemistry class, nowhere. Which is how it's supposed to be. Besides, Catholic school offered plenty of exposure to, and opportunity to study, religious and theological and spiritual and philosophical things. PLENTY. It was an extremely successful balance and there was never any confusion or wiggle-room offered. The two topics were simply not recognized as needing to be taught together or merged or muddied in any way. That mindset just did not enter into it at all.

I am genuinely fearful of these religious extremists. How long before they go Inquisitional and start beheading those of us who live in the real world and try to make sure our children learn to do so too?

What I remember from that era, besides the manufactured sympathy machine for oliver north

(Schmuck. They had him dress up in his Marine Corps uniform and strike the pose of a humble warrior. HAH! Humble my ass) was reagan's pathetic "statement" after the walls were closing in on the truth about Iran-Contra. "My heart tells me that's true. But the facts say something different..." WTF? My HEART tells me that's true?????? Oh forcryingoutloud. That's the most contrived and pathetic and smarmy double-speak to try and wriggle out away from the heat that I think I have EVER heard in all my 61 years of existence on this earth. "My HEART tells me that's true"???????? Oh For Pete's Sake!

I have NEVER seen (or, correction - I HAD never seen) such an organized protection racket gathered around anybody like there was around him. All the king's horses and all the king's men. Didn't see it again til bush/cheney. I'll say one thing for these CONS, they sure close ranks. Wish our guys did that. Our shameful miserable chicken-shit team just wilts and shudders and scatters to the four winds when under attack, rather than closing in together as a united block against whatever comes. One big difference I've seen between the two tribes is - when under attack, the GOP shouts a big collective "FUCK YOU! IN YER FACE!!!! GO SUCK IT!!!!" followed by "and if you don't shut up, we're gonna MAKE you shut up!!!" Whereas, OUR team cowers and caves and snivels and says - "oh, well, uh, er, I guess you guys must be right," or "oh, well, uh, er, um, well, you do make a good point..."

I wanna see some "FUCK YOU! IN YER FACE!!!!! GO SUCK IT!!!!!" from OUR side, for a change. I don't want to see our side trying to find what, on the enemy side, we can live with. Quite the opposite. WE should be telling THEM what THEY'RE GOING TO live with. It's a shame but one of the two people I can think of, offhand, who do respond that way, the best one I saw - was Anthony Weiner. And look how that turned out. The other is Alan Grayson, and even he doesn't seem to have legs.

I would LOVE to see more combative Dems. I YEARN to see more combative Dems. I'm on my knees begging for more combative Dems! If we had a few more, that might lend the impression that OUR side actually stands for something (which is the biggest complaint I consistently hear about the Democratic Party - that we're mushy and we don't stand for anything and that leads directly to the phony stance that "meh, both sides are the same".

Good ideas. A good start!

Appreciate the waiting period, too. That would head off a few crimes of passion.

So damn sad.

OMG!!! "Mr. Sardonicus"!

That gripped my imagination for years!

And "The Blob"! And "Plan Nine from Outer Space" - I saw parts of that one.

God! They LOVE their fart jokes, don't they?

Little boys and fart jokes. Mine could make farts under his armpits as well. He makes a mean chili now, btw, too. Quite the cook he is. And your boy is correct. Farts ARE funny!

I'm okay with that. I'll take either, but the first line I'd go to would be the just-meat one.

I'm also not thrilled with overly-spicy, which will confirm me as a complete and utter disgrace. Flame away! (Pardon the pun...)

Beans do bulk up the chili, though. I find I will eat chili with beans more because I have to than because I want to. Beans provide a lot of good fiber and protein and all that. They're okay. But meat-only would win out. And I add sour cream and grated cheddar and chopped green onions. I do that whenever I have the house chili at Souplantation. Doctor it up.

CONGRATULATIONS on your tasty triumph, Recursion!!!! That is fabulous! An impressive title to win!

Our shepherd-something, Goldie, eats grass all the time. Every time I take her out.

Well, "eats grass" actually seems to mean she grazes and chomps on blades of grass. But she doesn't actually seem to consume those blades of grass most of the time. She's just chomping on many of them, and as we move away those blades of grass are mostly still there, just bent up a lot, and looking rather chewed-on. I do see a blade of grass in her poo every now and then, but most of the time, maybe she's trying to self-medicate with the plant alkaloids if her stomach's upset. Sometimes, especially early in the morning, there's dew on the grass and she'll get some of that.

She's got her face in the grass all the time. She's nine and healthy and doing well, even while aging a little.

Yeah!!! I noticed that, too!

Looks like he's got egg on his face, as well!

Yep. And as he continued wandering down the road to deterioration, "mommie" did it for him.

Nancy was into astrologers for a LONG time. She ran the "royal schedule" by Joan Quigley routinely before she let her daft shell of a husband go anywhere. And before that it was Carroll Righter. And others, too, I'm sure. It was amazing how we never heard a peep out of the so-called "christian" "right" about it, either. Nothing but crickets. Their "savior" was busy worshipping false gods and living by their dictates, but they still thought he could do no wrong.

GOD that was an awful time. GOD!!!!! Wish I could forget it. I wish we ALL could forget it. I wish it had never happened. I do EVERYTHING I can to chip away at his "sterling" reputation with random people when I get the chance. EVERYTHING. When they complain around L.A. about President Obama's occasional visits screwing up traffic, I am quick to remind them about how damned reagan came out to L.A. CONSTANTLY. CONSTANT trips up to the Santa Barbara ranch. INCESSANT stops to hold court at the Century Plaza Hotel. It was a never-ending traffic nightmare. He spent at least a full year of his presidency on vacation of some sort, and most of it was out here, and the whole Westside of L.A. was a mess every damn time he came out here. Oh great. ANOTHER California vacation. How many is that now? 152,784? We paid for eight years and got seven. Even so, plenty of damage was done. Just like dubya, only, thankfully, he seldom came out here - his thing was at the pig farm in Crawford TX. Unfortunately, not so much with cheney. He'd come out here every now and then to shake down donors at uber-developer Rick Caruso's estate in the ritzy part of town.
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