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EXCELLENT!!! Bravo to him!

And EXTRA kudos to YOU, demwing, for not giving up on him and insisting!

Man, I remember how remarkable it was when the news media covered her shaking hands, bare-handed,

with the sick. And of course hugs followed. But it was remarkable, especially to see media reaction to that little gesture - shaking hands with a sick person - without wearing gloves.


I love Joe Biden. Delighted that your boy got to meet him, even if only fleetingly!

I just realized, too, that it's easy to figure out what the good side to take is, in any issue.

What side is chris christie bellowing and blustering and bullying about? Then take the opposite side!

Should be said, Read, and SPREAD.


The Agenda Project - where they're not afraid to have and show a BACKBONE. I put info about it in my sig line, because I post a lot, at times, and that way more people can see it.

Shit. I gotta go learn about Twitter.

I am pretty fluent in Facebook. But Twitter and the other stuff like Instagram etc just completely escape me.

Oh man... H2O Man! Oh damn...

Aw man...

I don't know what to say. I'm in disbelief. And in dismay. I'm so sorry, H2O Man. I'm so sorry.

When will this stop? WHEN will this stop? WHENEVER you add a gun into the mix, YOU ARE GOING TO GET WAY MORE THAN YOU OR ANYBODY ELSE BARGAINED FOR. And it's gonna have a bad result. GUARANTEED.

I read about that awhile ago - the thesis that these things come in about 80-year cycles.

For EXACTLY the ways and means that you described here, Prophet 451. Eighty years - presumably the time it takes for, say, those who lived through the Great Depression in the last century, saw the need for what FDR brought us with the New Deal, and saw the benefits and how that helped dig us out of the economic mess - AND get through the war. Then those benefits bore fruit. All the GIs came back and got benefits and a helping hand and built families and neighborhoods and new lives - and then aged and began dying off. Meantime, their kids grew up wondering what all the fuss was about and would look around and say - "problems? WHAT problems?" And there would begin the drumbeat along the lines of "we don't NEED any new laws to fix this problem or prevent the problem from returning and blah-blah-blah..." and "oh, that's old news" or "but it's all okay now, problem solved, we can move on to something else now." Which turns into - "let's all deregulate! Guvmnt BAAAAAD! Git the gummnt off yer back!" And one by one the regulations and restrictions and infrastructure are all slowly whittled away - until the protections are gone, and the problems that begat the Great Depression start cranking back up again. Only rougher and costlier this time.

Kinda like bugs. They find a way into your house and start spreading. You have to take action to get rid of them - and preferably KEEP them from coming back in. You can't just assume the problem's licked and that's that, party on, we don't need that action to keep the bugs out anymore. Bug problem? WHAT bug problem? Oh, that's solved! But when you let up, or give up, or get lazy, or distracted, or move on to something else, just watch. Soon you'll have a bug infestation again - maybe worse than the earlier one.

Kicking for this post!

GREAT info, randys1!!! If I may ...

they are stealing elections, this is not in doubt.


tweet any info you have about this and we will get it to the DOJ voting rights division...


Proof-positive that a broken clock is, indeed, correct twice a day. Barry Goldwater was SPOT-ON about the "christian" "right." In the statements from 1981 and 1994, specifically. Stunningly remarkable. One of those moments in which one can sincerely say "I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Barry Goldwater." And I count myself among them!

On edit - I saw another thread here today that dovetails with that:


Seems to dovetail with the general idea expressed in Barry Goldwater's statements. To me, religion is and should be a very personal thing. Once you start pushing it into other arenas than personal, privately-held, intimate convictions held - and kept - within your own heart, there's gonna be trouble, imo.
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