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Or what about THIS one - about which I've heard pretty much NOTHING?

About the private sex parties with plenty of cocaine and under-age girls...




What apology?

I haven't seen any such thing.

Seems like the person to whom he would really need to apologize is Hillary Clinton.

I believe the FBI Director, and all other department heads, serve at the pleasure of the President.

The President can ask for or demand a resignation, at any time.

I certainly would. How on earth could anybody trust James Comey after this? He's proven he's a rogue agent who's only going to protect his own ass, rather than serve his President. I wouldn't want somebody like that working for me.

Hell, when I was a news director at a local station here, I actually had a rogue agent "working for me". Whom I could NOT trust because I inherited her and she'd already made it clear she wanted me out of the way so she could take my job. Trying to keep things on an even keel was HORRIBLE. It was hard to concentrate on just trying to do a good job from day to day. I soon learned there were other people in my newsroom whom I couldn't trust anymore, either, because she set about systematically trying to turn them against me. It was AWFUL!!!!!! She was willfully insubordinate, trying to undercut me with my own staff AS WELL AS trying to go over my he the program director and general manager.

The only recourse I had was to find another gig and get the hell outta there. They can't do anything to hurt you when you move out of range. Ironically, one of the young pups who'd worked with me for years before she arrived - and who I'd helped, and had treated well, but then he developed a crush on her and switched his loyalty - eventually was laid off. And By Jove he sent me a letter asking if there were any openings where I'd landed after that. I just gawked at it in disbelief and then laughed my head off. You're FUCKING KIDDING ME, dude? You think I'm gonna open my newsroom door to YOU again? After you stabbed me in the back and sided with her? After all the time we'd spent working together and the breaks I gave you and the recognition and appreciation and encouragement I gave you for some of the work you did? And I invited you into my home and included you in everything? And then you turned on me cuz you had the hots for the scheming new cutie-pie and thought you'd go farther and she'd have your back better than I did? Well, how do you like her now? She just stepped out of the way and let your severed head roll down the hall. And she didn't even fight for you or try to save your job. How'd that change of allegiance work out for ya, 'eh? Now you think I'M gonna rescue you and hire you back in? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????

I didn't say anything to him, or respond in any way. The letter went into the "round file." He did not get another job with me. And if I ever had one to offer again, it would NOT be to him.

That's a GREAT idea!

Eyes on the Prize, Guys!

I think she's FABULOUS!

I freakin' LOVE Joy Reid. She's the most muscular interviewer on MSNBC. I've noticed that her interview style - NOT letting the motormouths prevail, or interrupt, or talk over her (or other guests when it's their turn) - seems to have spread to other anchors and interviewers elsewhere. I've seen a few of 'em stand up to that and nip it in the bud on CNN, too.

This is a technique. The "Babbling" Boris Epshteyns and Kellyanne Conways and Katrina Piersons and Scottie Nell Hugheses and Steve Corteses of the world have learned - I suspect they've been been TRAINED - to keep talking. Just keep babbling. Keep monopolizing the conversation, hog all the face time and air time, run off at the mouth and try not to stop even to take a breath. Just KEEP TALKING! KEEP TALKING! Run-on sentences are the rule. You might be able to sneak a pivot in there if you just keep talking. Keep it going. Keep that meter bouncing. No dead-air! Keep talking! Keep talking! And don't let the other guy get a word in edgewise. As soon as the other guy starts talking, BUTT IN! And talk over them. And TAKE OVER. So they never get an opportunity to make their point.

That's a technique. There are operations on the CON side that specifically focus on this. Think tanks and foundations and institutions from the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute and the Cato Institute to the Collegiate Network, and more, SCHOOL these people. They GROOM these people. They hand-pick these people for their easy-on-the-eyes qualities, their looks, their quick reactions, their pleasant demeanor, their good memory for talking points, and their willingness NOT to be polite. The Collegiate Network in particular is laser-focused on finding and grooming young CONservative people to get jobs on the air and serve and further the CONservative worldview. From Jonathan Karl on ABC even all the way down to that Melissa D'Arabian cutie-pie on the Food Network!

They're taught, schooled, encouraged, and groomed to BUTT IN! Interrupt! Everything your mother or the nuns or your grandma or your favorite teacher told you not to do because it's not nice - SCREW all that! Fuck manners and civility. You're there to WIN. To DOMINATE. To WIN. PUSH THE AGENDA, by any means necessary. SCREW politeness and congeniality and getting along and playing fair. SCREW that. Nice guys finish last, after all.

There's one positive thing that can come out of this:

It can fire up a lot of Democrats who might have felt more casual about voting, because they assumed she's got this in the bag already. Now, some of those might realize they NEED to get their asses to the polls, and that maybe this is NOT a slam-dunk. This may end the complacency that many of us have warned against.

Sounds like it's another stand-alone show, not just a repeat.

They'd be ill-advised to rerun anything right now. Especially considering how crazed and changeable the news cycle is now. ANYTHING can happen, at ANY moment.

I do notice that she's been given more exposure. In some of those preproduced promos, there she is, too. She's on the weekends, but you don't see Alex Witt called up to fill in a lot during the week, the way you do with Joy Reid. And you don't see other parttimers or weekenders elevated to the panels after the debates or other events the way you see Joy Reid included now.

She's on the way up. Somebody in the executive suites seems to have noticed that she's become a big crowd-pleaser and her constituency among viewers is on the rise. I bet her ratings are climbing, too. They're smart to make more use of her.

Well, who on earth would feel comfortable trusting him EVER again?

I sure wouldn't want some rogue agent like that working for me!

Welome to DU, RickRockwell!

They will ALWAYS cheat to win. They've already established that. Try to stack the deck politically at the state level, try to make sure only THEIR preferred judges ever get seated or nominated, try to gerrymander the districts so that their dwindling mostly-white supporters speak with an abnormally and artificially-inflated loud voice, try to target oppositional voter groups to keep them from voting, try to limit all opportunities for voting so fewer people anywhere can take part.


Does it not suggest that they realize, deep down, that they can't win legitimately UNLESS they try to keep blocks of voters from voting? Does it not suggest that at least some of them realize they have LOSER issues to run on - that are not popular, that are outdated, that are irrelevant to the way the world has changed and the demographics in this country are changing?

Michael Moore stated it flat-out on the Chris Hayes show a few days back - that like it or not, this country is LIBERAL. This country slants LIBERAL. He pointed out - look at all the issues, and he rattled 'em off: women's rights, climate change, voting rights, marriage equality, higher minimum wage, affordable college, separation of church and state, ALL OF IT - all those "liberal" issues are now supported by a majority of this population. And as the demographics change, that majority is only going to grow. The ratio of women to men is only growing. The numbers of people of color are only expanding. And all those demographic groups are on the RISE. The GOP is on the LOSING end. Its strengths are aging and dying out. Whites are on the way to minority status. And the better-educated a voter is, the more likely that voter will be to vote Democratic, and LIBERAL. And if GOP doesn't change its views, abandon its increasingly unpopular stands on these issues, and recognize that this is the 21st Century and NOT the 6th, it will continue to decline and become an irreversibly minimal party - that will likely never hold the White House again. Which would be MORE than alright by me!

But then again, who the hell WANTS to vote for a party that pushes this pre-historic shit?
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