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Welcome to DU, Ardoewaan!

I remember hearing similar anecdotal evidence when the dubya drunk driving revelations came out, just days before the election. People were really pissed about the timing. And I heard numerous instances in the news about voters who were angry and vowed that this wouldn't change their minds about him, and it was just an eleventh-hour trick that they didn't appreciate - and that they saw through.

Perhaps that mentality will be in play here?

Three votes for Hillary went out to the post office from our house a couple of weeks ago.

My husband's, mine, and our son's. He wanted to vote absentee before he and the band left for tour.

Comey is SEVERELY damaged goods.

He's totally compromised now. Who wants to risk trusting him, at this point? If push ever comes to shove, this guy's gonna protect his own ass, and the rest of it be damned. He's in business strictly for himself. Looking out for #1. Typical republi-CON. I once thought he was a pretty straight shooter. But not now. Not after this lousy timing. Not after his superior officer recommended he not do this - which sounds like insubordination to me.

What would YOU do - with a rogue agent like this in your company's/organization's hierarchy? If you were the head of it? What would YOU do? Would you feel comfortable trusting this guy? I certainly wouldn't. And the CONS are just fooling themselves if they think he's on their team. He's on no team but the James Comey team. He'll stab them in the back, too, as soon as he thinks it's his neck or theirs.

He's just proven beyond any doubt that he can't be trusted. If I were in charge, I'd get rid of him as soon as possible. Put him on suspension first, maybe. But get rid of him one way or another. Demand his resignation. Or fire him - for cause.

Unfortunately, I've never heard ANYTHING come up about that Oct. 25th business.

I haven't heard or seen or watched ANYBODY follow up on that one - the sex parties with under-age girls. I saw it in ONE Daily Kos article, before this one. Nobody on cable TV - either CNN or MSNBC - has followed up on it, at least that I've seen, and we have TV news on all day, even just in the background, at our house because we're longtime news junkies.

Maybe America is just suffering sex-crime fatigue? I'm not. I want it ALL out there!

As of Comey's recent stunt, the FBI has now been politicized.

One can hope.

Comey's some seriously damaged goods now. He has just proven beyond any doubt that he cannot be trusted by the individuals he supposedly "serves." He serves at the pleasure of the President. I can't imagine President Obama is all that pleased with him about this.

Seems to me he is now dead meat. CANNOT be trusted. By EITHER side, if you really wanna know. He's now proven absolutely that he's only in business for himself, only looking out for his own ass, only interested in saving his own skin, and to hell with anybody or anything beyond that. He can't be trusted by ANYBODY. And anyone on the other side who would risk trusting him is fooling himself/herself.

Well, he's TOTALLY damaged goods at this point.

He has proven that "Cover Yer Ass" is his main policy, and that's the only thing to which he's truly loyal.

He's totally compromised now and can no longer be trusted. By EITHER side, frankly. Cooler heads among the enemy would be wise to question how soon he'd turn on them, too. Comey has just proven he's in business strictly for himself. He can't be trusted. When push comes to shove, he can be counted on to look out for #1. Which, in my book, makes him a typical republi-CON, anyway.

He's no longer trustworthy. NO chief executive would want a rogue agent as a department head. Someone who couldn't be trusted. Even a President Trump would not be well-served. This guy will always look out for his own neck first. Which, I suppose, is why he did what he did here. But I think he underestimated the blowback. Probably calculated that it wouldn't be too much, and far worse if he'd waited. But now he's made so many enemies that it may not be possible to count that high. He's become a "thing." A polarizing, partisan figure. He's TOTALLY compromised, and damaged goods. SEVERELY damaged goods.

If I were President or President-Elect, I'd want him out - YESTERDAY.

The same names in the posts on here would be on my list.

Maddow, Lawrence, Katy Tur, Howard Dean (as a pundit), and JOY REID!!! Steve Schmidt gets an honorable mention - at least for now. But he's still a republi-CON so I don't entirely trust him.

FABULOUS as usual, Nance!

Turn up the pressure!

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