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Flipping the Senate from red to blue will head off anything Chaffetz can do.

It won't get out of the House of Reps if we have the Senate in Democratic hands. At least we can hold him off that way. Not sure there's a way to defeat him out of his seat yet, though - which would be the most satisfying. Remember how good it felt to see that smug Eric Cantor get the heave-ho? Unfortunately, somebody even worse replace him.

I do take comfort that this is what President Obama has already decided will be his post-Presidency priority: Flipping enough states - state legislatures and governor's mansions - from red to blue. That takes us to victory over gerrymandering that will mean many of these "secure" House seats will no longer be locked in, because they'll be more fairly redrawn after the next census. That is, if we dare hope to make that much of a change by 2020. We HAVE to make some big changes by 2020. Including the midterms in 2018. Midterm elections are always where Democrats don't bother. THAT has to change.

We have the numbers. Any time our side turns out, IF they turn out, we win. But they HAVE TO turn out. EVERY DOGGONE TIME.


That's actually what my husband and I smirk to each other when we watch the Hillary rallies now. "...but, but, but, there's no enthusiasm..." Usually followed by one of us adding "My ASS!"

What I don't understand and what continues to confound me is how on earth there could possibly still be undecided voters. What on earth do you still need to see? What in blazes haven't you seen already that is MORE than enough to help you realize who's the best candidate and who's the worst? How in the hell can you still be undecided, by ANY stretch of the imagination?

As we sometimes say around my house - "what the fuckin' fuck-fuck?"

Make some room! That sounds like "home sweet home" to me!

We are a No-Trump-Allowed household here at casa de calimary.

Love you, brave!

Thank you, Xipe Totec!

The Democrats will always take you forward. The republi-CONS will reliably take you backwards. But then again, that's what happens when one shifts to "R".

Well, like they've said - she's the ONLY thing that stands between him and the rest of us.

She's the ONLY thing that stands between the ruination of a Donald Trump Presidency and our poor battered country.

Gotta ask it: SO WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?

What CAN we do about it?

Who do we hound? What can we do to have her back? How do we turn the tables and bully THEM? How do we head off their efforts to make her life even more miserable than they tried to make President Obama's?

How do we force them to face consequences? How do we head this off? How do WE obstruct THEM?

Let's think about this, guys. Please! I don't know how to start this, but somebody has to. This HAS TO end.

What the hell were they thinking, endorsing him in the first place?

Welcome to DU, shockey80!

This election has provoked all kinds of conflicting feelings in me. There's an overriding exhilaration at the thought that one might actually live to see a woman elected President. I still find it remarkable that I lived to see an African-American President!

I feel an ongoing sense of resolve that Hillary will prevail. If I hadn't already voted, this latest email shit would not change my mind or my eagerness to vote In fact, now, it's PERSONAL. Now they've crossed the line. I feel more adamant than ever about standing behind her. Didn't think I could feel that more strongly than I did, but Trump & Comp bring that out in me.

I do also feel fear, though. I fear what the Trumpsters will do, what the teabaggers will do, what the 2nd Amendment people will do - if/when their side loses again. If WE win, that part will be scary. If THEY win, EVERYTHING will be scary! For me, that's worst of all, because if they win, winning will be seen as a validation of everything they did and said and stand for. It will tell them they were right, and reinforce all that bad behavior and anti-social violent acting out and bullying - it'll tell that side that they were right and that they did the right thing. THAT will become the campaign model. THAT will become the New Way. Because THAT's what wins. We've already seen increasing outbreaks of bullying manifesting in our schools since the rise of Trump. Teachers and administrators have reported that and studies have already shown that. It will reinforce AND reward bad behavior, and that, to me, is THE #1 biggest reason why they HAVE TO lose. And not only that, but imagine if we finally have a "president" who never bothered to release his tax returns. What precedent will THAT set as far as accountability, authenticity and transparency?

I hate to have to admit this, but I find it hard to disagree with the whole "deplorables" thing. I'm sorry. If after everything they've seen, and everything they've heard, they STILL think this sexist, racist, misogyinst, lying, thieving cretin is presidential material who will make all their dreams come true, and is in it for THEM and not for himself, they STILL trust the future of this planet to a climate change denier who has repeatedly asked "if we have nukes, why can't we use them?" then I have no hope for them. And yeah, I regard them as thoroughly deplorable. And worse.

Having been in a management structure myself, this sure looks like insubordination to me.

You can't have people going rogue under you. Violating chain-of-command.

How would that work out if it happened in the military, for example?

He does need to go. This sets a terrible precedent.

And that second letter said basically nothing.

Just an attempt to justify his decision to cover his ass because of how he'd testified earlier. I still say, if HIS SUPERIOR OFFICER, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was against this (and let him know that), then he's guilty of insubordination, and he has to be terminated. Because the question then becomes - how long before he does this again? He's following his own rules now? Instead of the determination of his superior officer? HIS BOSS says no, and he goes ahead on his own and says yes to himself and does it ANYWAY? That's insubordination. If he stays on, what does that tell the chain of command below him? That maybe some of THEM can go rogue, too, if they don't agree with their superior officer's decision? Then you have wholesale anarchy and the system collapses.

He has to go. He violated chain of command. He has to go.
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