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It would be folly to keep him on staff. He's just proved he's a rogue agent.

Insubordination, for sure, if he went against the determination of HIS BOSS, Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She and others determined that he should NOT do this. And he went ahead and did it anyway. So what should certainly happen now is - a request for his letter of resignation. Or he should be fired. Of course that'll make him a hero of the far-right. But the chain of command has to matter here. You can't have people "going rogue" within the chain of command. How'd that be in the military? You either bite your lip and go along with what your superior officer says, or if you sincerely feel you can't, then you have to step down. Or be dismissed.

This IS a dismissable offense. And he should pay the proper price for it.

Welcome to DU, ooky!

Writing this, on "the morning after" - waking up to hear that Attorney General Loretta Lynch & company were not pleased by this release. President Obama should ask for his resignation. You can't have a rogue FBI chief deciding on his own that covering his ass is the overriding policy determining his actions, or going against the AG's preference. He really should resign. She said not to? And he went ahead with it anyway? He needs to be gone. Because the next question, if he stays, would be - when would he just go ahead and help himself to this kind of activity again? And how often?

I don't feel that much better, either.

I think the Anthony Weiner angle just turned the whole thing cheap and tawdry, and let the air out of the balloon. Which WOULD be reassuring unless you consider how vicious and relentless the Hillary haters are. And they are legion. We who admire and support her do outnumber them. But they unfortunately remain a force to be reckoned with. Guaranteed they'll try to make the most of this, even if it turns into yet another nothingburger. When have ANY of them ever retracted some shitty thing they'd said about either of the Clintons, much less any libel or slander with which they've tried to smear Hillary?

Nothing's turned up. Nothing's EVER turned up. And yet that putz Chaffetz has already made it known how many inquisitions he's going to mount against a President Hillary Clinton. Even when there's no there there, that doesn't stop them from trying to pretend there is - and then try to act on it.


Here! Present! Me! Me!

Earlier today I decided this was a good day to run errands and get away from the news. But when I heard on my car radio that this one traced back to an Anthony Weiner investigation, I reflexively breathed a sigh of relief. Anthony Weiner? Oh for Pete's Sake! Anthony WEINER is rolled into this now? This has just gotten tawdry. It's now starting to become comical. Particularly when it looks like (and cooler and more knowledgeable heads have already indicated) it has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton or her email server.

I stand with Hillary, as firmly and resolutely as ever. I have since I first discovered her in 1992. She had me at "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies..."



Although I did donate to the DSCC the other day - to help Senate campaign committee.

Too late, pal.

Might as well start packing your Senate office NOW. You were always a bad bet, but now, you're screwed. WAY too late to come back from this one.

As noted in another thread here - Hey Dems! You could consider diverting some of the Illinois money over to Florida now. I think that's a pretty safe statement as of now.

Birds of a feather.

Well? Bernie's right!

Here's some "he tells it like it is" BACK ATCHA, Trumpsters!
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