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Buh-BYE, Mark.


Wow, a genuine feel-good story during this particularly icky campaign season. Thanks for posting this, Liberal_in_LA!

We all need happy endings!


Big hugs to your mom!

And I love that little Hillary clip!


That was a real teeth-gritter there. At least we have a chance to short-circuit Rubio - who's only in it to have a platform from which to try another run for President.

Welcome to DU, Ruth Bonner!

If it ever came to that, I'd vote for weed. No sniffing!

Welcome to DU, Neema!

Yeah. I'm with you there. I'm sorry, but third party folks do little but server as spoilers, the way our system is set up now.

We could always change that system, I suppose, but I'm not sure where to begin on that one, speaking practically and realistically. It would be a Herculean effort and I'm not sure it'd work. Particularly when there's very little upon which our fellow Americans seem able to agree, just on the average day.

Perhaps. But I don't think the world is a better place for nader's presence in the 2000 election.

Respectfully, I have to disagree. It forced bush/cheney on us. Which led directly to a complete mess in the Middle East, an illegal war waged on false premises (also known as LIES), war crimes committed and approved at the highest levels, our good name and credibility tarnished to the world, that entire part of the world destabilized - which is why ISIS was allowed to flourish, and all kinds of other sins were committed against its American citizens and our Constitution.

Yes Gore could have made a few wiser moves, but, using your argument - were it not for ralph nader, "those 500+ votes would not have mattered."

Nader had to know he didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell to win. Only to be a spoiler. Unfortunately, unless we switch to some sort of Parliamentary system where many parties exist, flourish, and form coalition governments, We. DO. NOT. Have. That. I suspect there are many in this country who wish we did. But that's not the way things are set up at present.

Besides, I think Al Gore did the best job he could, at being a Democrat.

We might just have to agree to disagree on this one.

Oh, for a vial of Veritas serum...


Yes, I kept it. But I went to that imgur.com site and it seems to have changed a little bit.

So I'm not quite sure how to work it now. Don't want to have to subscribe.

Oh man! Want!

I LOVE chocolate! Cake or otherwise.
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