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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
October 29, 2018

That's a keeper.

October 29, 2018

Funny how that is, 'eh?

I LOVE this piece! It’s utterly magnificent!

Sure speaks for me.

Glad babylonsister found this and posted it here so we could all savor it, and hopefully share it all over the place! Thanks for posting it! I’m gonna have to print out a copy of Lori Witt’s masterpiece.

And Welcome to DU, MRDAWG!

October 29, 2018


October 29, 2018

Dear SoCalDem...

I’m so sorry to hear this. Sounds like you had one of the great marriages - sustaining for all those years. Thank you so much for including us in this time of such profound grief. I always feel so moved when someone here feels trusting enough to share such a major personal life moment. Many pairs of shoulders here for you to lean against. It’s an honor to be allowed to keep a vigil with you.

You do not mourn alone. As DU’s own Skittles once put it - “someone’s always here.”

October 29, 2018


October 29, 2018

We just have to hope the Dems take back the House.

At least we’ll have the legitimate investigations we need to expose all the trump crimes.

Even if there’s ultimately an impeachment in the House but no conviction in the Senate, there’d still be the impeachment. The impeachment would still stand. On that miscreant’s record for all of history. Impeachment was left a tawdry joke by the GOP desperate to leave a mark on President Clinton since they’d failed to beat him or otherwise get rid of him. Impeachment should mean something. It should be a serious penalty instead of the glorified peep show that the CONS turned it into.

I believe Robert Mueller will turn up some damning stuff - in real crimes. High crimes and misdemeanors ranging from fraud, perjury, and tax evasion to outright fraternizing with the enemy. Should we just let that go? Shrug it off? Let him get away with it? NOT holding him accountable for credible, provable felonies that would send any other offender up the river for years? No consequences?

What kind of message would that send? What’s the lesson? What’s the takeaway that goes into the history books? That the president IS above the law after all? That crime DOES pay?

Sure doesn’t sound like that “liberty and justice for all” stuff I learned about in school.

October 28, 2018

She was NEVER a good fit at NBC.

Any more than Greta Van Susteren was. Didn’t belong there! What the hell were they thinking?

I’m enjoying reading about this by the commentariat - where the point is being made that the Pox Noise brand is a black mark on a Pox Noiser’s resume. It tarnished. It diminishes. It doesn’t transport or transfer. She wanted to move into the purported media mainstream with her star expanding into the highest heights of the mainstream news pantheon. Yeah. She wishes!

You’re damaged goods if you work at Pox Noise. You might as well stay there. The mainstream outlets don’t want you, and you don’t belong there anyway. Poor widdle Megyn is apparently learning that only now, the hard way, and way too late. She can cry all the way to the bank on her way out, I guess. Buh-BYE. And good riddance.

October 28, 2018

Feel better soon - physically speaking.

I know you already do, emotionally! Go Beto!

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