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Member since: 2001
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donald Corruption trump. I like that!


I'd have preferred that choice!

Good! I look forward to it!

And yes definitely we need to exploit this. WE’RE the ones who appreciate their sacrifice and their love of country. Democrats don’t tend to view our fighting forces as mere pawns - dispensable, disposable tools to use and then discard.

I just can never seem to avoid one particular thought every time I see one of our soldiers, alive, wounded, or in a flag-draped coffin: that person had a mother.

Well? It certainly fits!

Glad they let it go through! It deserves to be said.

Awwwwwww, poor little thing!

Probably separated from his mom - maybe forever. I hope he gets a good, safe new home base!

They should add a more stringent dress code.

Put on a jacket, ASSHOLE!

That's a thoughtful thing to do!

Thank you LeBron! Those people on the fire lines get awfully hungry from that arduous work.

It should TOTALLY piss off everyone!

Oh great...

Just fabulous.

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