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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 56,705

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Are they identical twins?

Cuz my mind immediately wants to go to casting.

Who’d play whom?

I do like this photo!

Nice smile, too!


No kidding!

I trust Nancy. She knows how to count votes better than anyone else on Capitol Hill.

Ahhh, The Great One. Sure takes me back.

Maybe not. It appears they're just doing what they're good at.

Lying, character assassination, oath violation, and hypocrisy of the grossest and most grotesque kind.

Let's see the CONS try to attack this man.

Let’s see their lord and weasel attack him! (Which is probably coming, and soon, too.)

Her Majesty, relaxing and being real. Hey, why not?

She’s been literally a world class role model throughout her remarkable life. Her family has brought beaucoup bucks into her country (and to her subjects) by virtue of the fact that her family itself is a major tourist attraction.

God Save the Queen.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer has called for a boycott of Sondland's hotel chain, Provenance Hotels.


Very cleverly done, too!

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