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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 57,828

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California is bigger than he'll ever be!

Watching that, and enjoying how the coverage of it appeared in every timeslot all day!


Lock him up!

A keeper!

They hate you. They really hate you, donald.

A BIG Thank You to that crowd!

The biggest Thank You! You all restored my faith that we’re NOT a nation of Deplorables!


Extra thanks also to the folks who hung the big IMPEACH TRUMP banner where he could see it!

John Fucking Yoo? Mr. "Let's Write Up A Justification For Torture"?

Well, that certainly brings credibility to the table...



Rest In Peace.

The Woodlark in Portland is one of them. Provenance Hotels.


Small chain of chic and very discreet little boutique hotels.

Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer called for a boycott.

How many DUIs, Matt? Six? Or seven?

Btw, I saw your mugshot on TV. Orange is definitely your color.

There certainly is that.

I wasn't implying anything about you, friend.

No offense intended.

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