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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 60,070

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

Can somebody please explain to me WHAT he's trying to communicate in this photo?

I do NOT get it. Am I supposed to swoon because of his big blue seemingly-always-bloodshot eyes, his beefed up arms, his hairy legs, his running shoes, his hat on backwards (wow - how 13-year-old-punkish of him!), the gesture, the head tilt, what? Is there something I'm supposed to be picking up on, as a female viewer? Is this hot? Am I supposed to scratch 'n' sniff for pheromones or something?

'Cause I am not getting it! Sex appeal, where art thou?

Makes me curl my lip if you really wanna know. As a mom, it makes me want to turn him over my knee, give him a good spanking, take away his cell phone and his iPad and his Playstation or whatever it is he does with all his little would-be hoodlum friends, ground him for the rest of the school year and send him to bed early. Punk-ass dork.

And I'm sorry, but it doesn't matter what the external packaging looks like. His ideas make him extremely ugly in my eyes. With apologies to the late Alex Karras, "Mongo NOT impressed!"

Welcome to DU, AldoLeopold!

Glad you're here! I do admit though, we were kicked in the teeth and danced upon and pissed on in 2000 and also in 2004. So I can fully understand the wish for a little payback. I have long believed that a little mortification is good for the soul. It might even help the soul-less like wrongney and his little pet teabagger.

But the preference for taking the high road - well, it is indeed the more noble thing, and I do appreciate it. It's just a little harder for some of us to get to, considering the history and the context.

I like that, too!

One for my quotes collection, yodermon!

"Dismiss what insults your soul."

Welcome to DU, krakfiend!

It does seem to reduce him further downward in size and stature, doesn't it? Too bad he can't just do the respectable thing and retire - before he runs through the last of whatever's left of his credibility.

Glad you're here! Lesson we can learn from all this: "Don't be that guy! And for Heaven's sake, don't elect that guy or anyone like him - President!"

Let me be the 200th! That's what led me to DU, back then.

I felt so isolated - nobody else felt about Selection 2000 as I did. And then I went online and started wandering around. And I found this place - with lots of support, sympathy, and solidarity, and tons of people who felt EXACTLY as I did! And I stopped wandering!

"The Cathedral to Massive Stars" - WOW!!!!

NGC 6357: Cathedral to Massive Stars. Just blows the mind. THANK YOU for posting this, LongTomH! Shared on Facebook!

YES. Starting NOW.

GOTV in 2014! I don't care if it's "only a midterm"! GOTV in 2014! Houseclean the House in 2014!!!

Welcome to DU, are_you_serious_1234!

Glad you're here! Not quick enough, though. We need you! Let's all get behind the MANDATE that President Obama and the Dems DID INDEED earn earlier this month. I'm writing this as I'm watching a report on Obama "keeping his 'ground game' intact." He'll need our help again.

The GOP needs to be pressured like the earth pressures undersea sand into solid, hard sandstone. Hopefully in much less time, in our case, though!

Welcome to DU, Augiedog!

You never know with these folks.

I LOVED the punchline to this story:

West congratulated Murphy, saying, I pray he will serve his constituents with honor and integrity, and put the interests of our nation before his own.

HILARIOUS!!! Gee, maybe if allen west had put the interests of our nation before his own and his teabaggers' own, he might still be a Congressman today. He might even have had his first term ratified and reaffirmed by winning a second term. I find it exquisitely lovely that not only he was fired by his constituents, but also that asshole dirtbag deadbeat dad joe walsh in Illinois was hosed after only one term. That's a real vote of confidence for ya!

Glad you're here! Let's all make sure 13th Century "minds" like these DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT get anywhere near the reins of power AGAIN!!! Don't even care what office it is they flatter themselves into thinking they deserve!!! They need to be regarded as full-on UNELECTABLES!

Very glad to see this! I hope it's a new beginning! For our side as well:

I'm hoping that 2010 is a lesson for all us Dems, progressives, liberals and other good guys. Even in the midterms - WE HAVE TO GET OUT THE VOTE!!! You want more of these assholes in power? More versions of allen west and joe walsh (the bad joe walsh, not the good singer/guitarist Joe Walsh of The James Gang and the Eagles!)? More of a chance for THEM to gain prominence, news coverage, lead-story attention, and donations up the ying-yang from opportunistic infections who think they see a winner? More opportunity for them to gain clout and influence? More opportunity for more of them to metastasize into the culture and overrun it, so THEY get to decide what the agenda is and what the policies are and what the laws are and who the enforcers are and whose interests get ignored and neglected?

Good Grief NO!!!! A vigorous GOTV campaign needs to be waged during the midterm elections as well! Especially since President Obama is going to need more strength at his back than ever! And it might even mean we take back the House in 2014 if we go all in!

And then, please consider this: if we have another great election like this one in 2014, JUST IMAGINE what that will do to the morale of the teabagger world. More of them becoming despondent, opting out, not bothering to vote, viewing their "movement" as so much toilet-filler. And MAYBE - just MAYBE - some of them will decide to open their eyes and open their minds a little more. What if it convinces some of them that they've just been lied to, and used, just one time too many? What if it actually reaches some of those poor souls and rescues them from the Damned? That would actually be really great! After all, even teabaggers will need to wake up, eventually.

What I hope for, longterm, is that the bad guys suffer enough significant electoral defeat, election cycle after election cycle, that some of them start to realize that not only have they been shamelessly used and lied to, but these ideas they're puffed up with just don't fly anymore. MAYBE, just MAYBE, some of them will realize the REAL truth: that they may actually have to join the 21st Century and abandon some of their Bronze Age ideas.

I think that's the real lesson of 2012, a lesson on which most of them on that side of the aisle can't, or WON'T take delivery: that it's not HOW they messaged that failed. It's WHAT they messaged. It's their over-arching message. Their agenda. Their ideas. Their worldview. THAT'S what failed. It certainly failed them - the way it would absolutely fail the rest of us if, Heaven forbid, THEIR agenda was enacted into law and/or carried into office by a new president.

I don't think many of them will recognize this, or learn this lesson, this time. But what if there's a series of elections that reinforce that lesson over the next SEVERAL election cycles? What if some of them finally start realizing that THIS set of ideas is a loser, and they better start developing some better ones. OR, better yet, warming up to the ideas that are WINNERS. Not all souls can be saved, of course. But maybe there are some. Maybe there are more than just some.
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