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Welcome to DU, MissNostalgia!

Glad you're here! Well, on the other hand, the NRA and other groups will continue hemorrhaging money trying to bail his sorry ass out and cover for him and pay for his lawyers and it'll be that much less they can pad the bank accounts of some of the other bad guys they support.

Well, one can hope, anyway...

What I sent 'em:

Subject: Why haven't you fired Lara Logan and her producer - for crapping all over your credibility?
(Even if they send this straight to their trash bin, they'll know what it's about without even opening it.)

Dear folks -

I'm a retired journalist, and if I was a known partisan who had misconstrued a report because of a personal agenda I had, to weaken the standing of a sitting President and a recently retired Secretary of State (who might be a future Presidential candidate) - and who took a YEAR working on a "story" and didn't realize she was being used by an agenda-driven lie-spinner, and whose work was used to buttress the products and profit margin of an affiliated company (a CLEAR case of conflict-of-interest), I would be fired by now. WHY is Lara Logan still employed? Because she photographs well or looks good wearing a low-cut top that shows off her cleavage? ON "60 MINUTES"?????????????

You're certainly capable of such quick and decisive remedial moves. After all, you certainly got rid of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes in a hurry - even though their story was based on truths. Lara Logan is a proven war-hawk with an agenda. If nothing else, she's a lazy reporter with slipshod tactics who didn't check her sources but just stovepiped one of 'em on the air because what he said was damaging to the White House. So what does that make YOU, now?

You HAVE to let her go, AND her producer as well. You HAVE to send a message. Otherwise, you'll be as guilty of crapping on the previously-sterling "60 Minutes" brand. CBS News was once the home of "the most trusted man in America" (Walter Cronkite - in case some of you forgot or are too young to remember). "60 Minutes" was uber-reputable, its credibility beyond any question or doubt - before your little Goldilocks was even BORN! I am old enough to remember back that far. It's a tragedy, and nearly a crime, to see this FORMERLY highly-respected program decline so badly. Who'll feel like trusting it anymore? Certainly not me. You've lost me as a viewer, as well as a retired journalist who now feels rather personally insulted.

No wonder people don't trust most TV news anymore...

Regretfully and rather disgusted -


Good grief - this guy is a menace!

To society and to himself.

Sure wish one of these charges would stick enough so that he's put away for awhile. And with a track record like this, it's just astonishing that people could still defend his "right" to own guns of ANY kind. Hell, even a water pistol would be a problem in hands like his.

Hey, I like ANYTHING that discredits these two dingdongs.

Especially his son the Kentucky Pipsqueak, with the Brillo pad on his head. What IS with that "hair" anyway? Or is it a bowl of black squid ink spaghetti that somebody up-ended on his head? Maybe it's his brain matter - erupting to the surface through cracks in his skull like tar oozes up through cracks in the pavement near the La Brea Tar Pits?

And people actually vote for these two nutbags... What does that say about THEM???? (Never mind, we already know.)

But you'd actually be partially correct.

Because that bastard IS the largest snake in the world. Present-day version. I'm sure his title will be taken by someone else, soon.

Understood. Hey, I'm one of the legions for whom the Iraq War vote was a nonstarter.

All things being equal - for me anyway, back in 2008 - it came down to "she voted for the war (and shoulda known better) and he didn't. So for me, he wins the toss."

I hope she's had enough time to study and learn from that - to gain a very effective takeaway for whatever plans for high office she may have. She very well could have won it in 2008 but for her vote for that damn war. I hope to God she's learned from that. But even if she hasn't, I still highly doubt that if she won in 2016 she'd be bringing in a group of leftover PNACers - the way mccain and romney would have. Dems surround themselves with different people who embrace different ideologies and world views than republi-CONS do. And not only in foreign policy matters. I doubt that a second-term Jimmy Carter or Walter Mondale would have brought in some friend-of-strip-miners-and-drill-baby-drillers to run the Interior Department the way Saint ronnie did with that ASSHOLE james watt, for example.

If it was dan quayle, uh, forgive me but - "you betcha"!

He was a male bimbo if ever there was one.

And I was insulted when I heard that ghwb, in picking quayle as a running mate, thought his looks would be a big asset. As I recall, his words were - "one for the ladies."

Frankly, I find Hillary Clinton to be an extremely attractive older woman (AND she was quite pretty as a younger woman) and I'm a lot more sensitized to that as I myself move into "older woman" age. I'm not that far behind her, actually. And I've posted before about men who are described by some as being attractive (remember how many times we all heard that romney looked most presidential of anybody in the GOP clown car last time?) who I consider rather ugly because of the ideas behind the pleasant face.

And yeah, it's sexist. Maybe I stand up on my high-horse too often on this. Always did have a complex about physical looks - especially since I always found myself to be such an under-achiever in that particular game. When I was working, I watched how many intelligent, informed, charming, capable, and articulate females were passed over for the little cutie-pie who was usually younger, blonder, thinner, and photographed better, even if she was as dumb as a post. Many wound up in on camera jobs while those with the much maligned "face for radio" stayed behind microphones. And I wince when I have to see the parade of bimbos on Pox Noise with their blonde hair and tons of makeup and tight sleeveless dresses with the obligatory bare arms and high hemlines. Look at our dear little lara logan of the botched Benghazi pseudo-scandal coverage on "60 Minutes." She'll get a pass basically because of her looks. The rumpled, elderly Dan Rather and his plain-Jane producer Mary Mapes got the heave-ho for far less than the deliberate agenda-driven hatchet job logan worked so hard to drive onto the air.

And superficial? You're correct AGAIN! Unfortunately that's reduced far too much information brokering to the gutter where the gum is that you step in by accident and get on your shoes. And unfortunately, most of America processes information visually. Looks, makeup, wardrobe, hair, sets, stylists, implants, Botox, it's all so damn much about the physicality. And yeah, I fall into it. I just wish so many people weren't able to get ahead - just on that. sarah palin got as far as she has because of her looks. VERY little behind it, and nobody bothered to look that much deeper because the packaging was good enough. I am always rather hyper-aware of the packaging. Perception is EVERYTHING. For good and bad. I don't like it. And I don't like having to play on that playing field. But unfortunately, there it is.

Truly! Happy Birthday, Dr. Dean!

My heart STILL belongs to "Hollerin' Howard!

Welcome to DU, gerogie1!

Glad you're here! Yeah, lots of 'em say "hate the sin but love the sinner." Yet that's not an easy bridge to cross for too many CONs. Hey, if the freakin' POPE says it's not for him to judge, how is it that they're entitled?

Welcome to DU, walkingman!

Glad you're here! I agree! I wish he was more progressive. Hell, I wish all our Dems were more progressive. But you dance with what there is.

I posted here awhile back about one of my favorite lines from a movie - in this case, "The Competition," which came out in 1980 and starred Amy Irving, Richard Dreyfuss, and the late Lee Remick. Irving and Dreyfuss were young (at the time much younger) finalists in this big-ass international piano competition. He'd come close the year before but she was new to it. Her teacher and mentor was the gorgeous and luminous Lee Remick. Toward the end (spoiler alert) she wins, but is not celebrating because she's afraid it marks the end of the love affair that started between her character and Richard Dreyfuss's character. The party was in the other room and she's back behind closed doors, moping in solitary. Lee Remick finds her and scolds - "it's going to take at least another 100 years for Mother Nature to evolve the kind of man you have in mind. In the meantime, GET OUT THERE AND DANCE WITH WHAT THERE IS!!!!"

I've just never been able to put that quote out of my mind. It was so astoundingly relevant and full of wisdom!
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